How to Make Your Website 10 Times Better in an Instant

Most websites could do with some improvements. It would be difficult to find a website that didn’t need help! Making your website better will get you more custom. You’ll get people staying on your page for longer, and they’ll be more likely to trust you as a business. If you have a shoddy site, not only will people ignore it, they won’t trust you as a result. These tips will make your website 10 times better in an instant:

Start Split Testing

Split testing your website will give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t work. You might find something as simple as a colour change makes all the difference, or that a change around makes people stay on your site for longer. This can be an ongoing process to help you perfect your site. You basically create multiple versions of your site, and send users to them to see how they respond. The one that has the most interaction is obviously the best one.

Make Your Writing More Interesting

The quality of your content matters. Everybody says content is king, but it’s only king if you’re writing is interesting and high quality. With amazing content on your site, it’s always going to be better. Because you’re writing content with your users in mind, you have more chance of making your way up the SERPs too, say

Update When Needed

People will stop visiting your site if you fail to update it regularly. Visiting the same pages again and again isn’t going to do anything for them. Make sure you update your site when you can with relevant information.

Be Consistent

You should make sure your site is consistent all the way through. Same branding, personality, fonts, everything. If you’re not consistent, visitors will get confused. What does it say about you if your site isn’t consistent?

Make the Font Easy to Read

Is your font easy to read on all desktops? If not, you should change it to something that is. An illegible font will not keep people on your site for very long, no matter how good your content is. It’s also worth noting that nobody wants to read paragraph after paragraph of text, even if your font is good. Split it up and use subheadings.


Change the Layout

Why not give your layout an overhaul? Make sure everything important is above the fold though, such as your call to action. You can test the layout change with split testing, as mentioned earlier too.

Take Big, High Quality Pictures

Sites always look better with bigger, high quality pictures. Try to make them your own pictures if you can. Small, pixelated pictures will make your site look worse. You’d be better off with no pictures at all!

Now do you understand what it takes to make a good site? Make sure it looks good on all desktops too, otherwise you’ll be alienating a big portion of your market. Go ahead and use them and see what results you can get!

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