EE’s Plan to Make Using 4G Abroad Much More Affordable

Using a mobile phone has become commonplace across the world, with over six billion people now owning their own handset to utilise the substantial number of functions it provides. Modern day handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple 6, have far surpassed the levels of capabilities and performance that the mobile phone were originally intended for, with users now able to watch videos, take photos and search the internet. A plethora of downloadable apps also make it possible for us to personalise our own device to suit our own personal needs, which in turn creates an attachment to our mobile phones as we value it as technology we could not live without.

Telecommunication companies continue to battle for market dominance through offering the best pay-as-you-go and contract tariffs which cover all the essential components that are involved when using a mobile phone. However, we are often stung by substantial inflations in roaming charges when travelling abroad as most tariffs do not include the use of mobile phone whilst overseas. Although we can safeguard against accruing a considerable mobile phone bill upon returning home by purchasing overseas phonecards that cover phone calls, texts and data usage, EE have revealed a plan to transform the way in which their customers are able to use 4G during business trips or holidays abroad.

Euro Pass

Being able to access 4G whilst abroad is a godsend for mobile phone users who require the use of the internet and GPS signals to navigate their way around, and use their favourite apps and websites without accruing substantial charges in the process. EE have now made this possible through the introduction of Euro Pass that enables customers to take advantage of unlimited texts, calls and data abroad for just £3 a day; the add-on can be used in thirty-nine destinations across Europe, with users able to utilise 100MG of 4G per day and call and text whoever they like. It will allow EE users to access Coral and other websites at a moment’s notice wherever they are, with users able to play via their mobile and not miss out on numerous systems, such as cash out, that they provide. Cashing out is an invaluable tool to have for those who like a flutter on the football or any other sports, particularly when travelling abroad and using Euro Pass, but it can also prove to be your downfall as proved by the man who recently cashed out at £50,000, but could have hung on to win almost £250,000.

There may come a time in the future when roaming charges across Europe are abolished altogether, but Euro Pass could provide the benchmark for other telecommunication rivals to follow suit and protect their users from substantial roaming charges. EE have enforced a limit on the allowances they provide with Euro Pass which increases its ‘value for money’ element; not only are mobile phone users able to enjoy the perks of accessing fast-speed internet connections via 4G on a daily basis, but do so whilst spending just £3 (£4 for those who are not on 4GEE Extra tariffs) and without accruing additional charges in the process.

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