Four Apps Better Than Your Phone’s Built-In Address Book

Sometimes it’s simple to forget that your MP3-playing, book reading, internet browsing, game taking part in humanoid device remains a telephone that was originally designed to form phone calls and communicate with others. Your Smartphone manages plenty of contacts from your email accounts and social networks, and if you have got a lot of contacts, you may need to kind totally different contacts into different teams. During this guide, we’re planning to re-evaluate a number of the highest address book replacement apps for once your inherent contacts app or dialer simply doesn’t cut it.

Unfortunately, the inherent contacts app that comes with the iPhone or humanoid phones hasn’t modified in years. It will be frustrating to edit, fraught with duplicates and lacking the foremost up-to-date info. Luckily, there square measure many address book apps out there that provide an improved different with innovative options and trendy styles.


Addappt, launched in 2012 as associate application to stay your contacts up to now, relaunched this morning with a brand new specialize in electronic communication. Its re-designed iOS app still encompasses a specialize in your address book — it forms the locus of your social information — however Addappt currently includes a feature the corporate calls ‘Tapp.’ Tapp could be a one hundred character text and emoji tool that permits you to send notes to people, or groups.
With its latest iteration, Addappt users can notice a wholly new programmed designed for fast navigation. The app conjointly encompasses a tabbed navigation theme, and opens directly into the contacts tab. Addappt is additionally transferred back support for teams. Any teams you have got in your native contacts app square measure supported and you’ll be able to add teams as you wish.


CircleBack is that the solely contact manager that keeps your address book up-to-date & organized. CircleBack notifies you once contact information changes therefore you usually have the simplest way to urge involved. It connects to numerous sources, as well as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Outlook, and imports your contacts into one central location. It conjointly encompasses an internet version, and syncs info across numerous devices.
CircleBack analyzes your contacts, searching for errors and duplicates. CircleBack puts the work of fixing the errors it finds in your hands. This isn’t exertions, however, and it’s a level of management that a lot of users can appreciate.

Simpler contacts

Your address book could be a mess? Simpler Contacts can fix it in few seconds! With easier you’ll be able to simply merge all of your duplicate contacts and quickly notice the contacts your want. Simpler Contacts is your new contacts app that creates your address book lightweight, sensible and user friendly.
The favorites tab shows a grid of favorite contacts with one button to decision or text somebody. There is a dialer within the app too; therefore you do not have to be compelled to jump your phone’s dialer app to put a decision.

Ready contacts

Ready helps you to form calls with confidence by showing the recent history associated with the caller whereas the phone is ringing. The app provides unjust follow-up shortcuts when hanging up, and convenient thanks to save unknown contacts when calls.
You can after all read and manage all of your contacts too (not simply your favorites). Ready makes this simple with a sideways scrolling list of individuals and a grid of letters you’ll be able to use to leap to a particular name

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