Google’s Android Experiments Show What Your Devices Can Do

That Android Smartphone of yours will do much more than just simply make calls and allow you to play shelter. Google took the wraps off a replacement project referred to as Android experiments that’s designed to indicate off a number of the crazier ideas that Android app developers have come back up with to require advantage of the platform’s capabilities.

According to succeeding net, the experiments featured within the gallery square measure submitted to Google and square measure meant to celebrate the inventive, experimental Android work of developers everyplace and encourage a lot of developers to induce inventive with technology and code. The oldsters in Mountain read have launched an Android Experiments gallery that demonstrates what Google-powered mobile and wearable devices will do. In several cases, the twenty inaugural experiments take direct advantage of sensors and remote connections.

“Android was created as an open and versatile platform, giving folks a lot of ways that to return along to imagine and make. Developers everyplace have used the distinctive capabilities of the platform to push the bounds of what’s attainable on phones, tablets, watches and beyond”, says Google.
A counterpart to Google’s Chrome experiments that was launched in 2009, the positioning is hospitable everybody. Anyone with the specified package chops will submit comes and demos, as long as they meet bound needs. As stated, all comes should be open supply, work on Android 4.4 (KitKat) and better, and “explore however we have a tendency to act with our devices, in tiny and large ways that.” The submissions can then be reviewed by a developer team at Google, reports VentureBeat. And whereas not all submissions are going to be approved, people who square measure are going to be searchable and obtainable for transfer on Google Play.

Now, Android Experiments permits you to examine these styles of innovative creations right within the palm of your hand. Below we’ve highlighted a number of the best experiments that Android developers have made.

Selfie X Selfie

Selfie x Selfie opens a metaphysical portal in your mobile device that permits you to travel deep into the hyperspace of your own selfie. Dissolve into fine color and explore the inner galaxy of selfie spacetime. Watch as your image is stretched, multiplied, resonates, and dissects before your eyes into an undulating landscape of color.


Landmarker is an experimental compass that reveals key destinations around you. Click every result to find it in Google Maps.

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is an experiment that permits you to record your surroundings through a group of transformative filters. Every filter are often pinched or panned.

Ink Space

Ink house could be a tiny experimental drawing tool that uses the measuring instrument on your Android device to maneuver the drawings you create in 3D. It’s a part of the Android experiments initiative.

Space Sketchr

Space Sketchr could be a pixilated demo app that demonstrates the potential of Project Tango technology by permitting the creation of virtual 3D drawings in house mistreatment full-range motion pursuit.

Time Mesh Watch Face

Time Mesh could be a motion based mostly Android watchface. If you’re calm, time moves in an orderly fashion. If not, ripples can propagate through your perception of your time.

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