How to Boost Cell Phone Signal

Does your cell phone always seem to have poor signal? Even after you try everything from your kitchen window to Lion Kinging your phone!
Even though it seems like there’s no solution in the world and you’ll be forever driving up to the top of your road to get cell service, but there’s a solution.

The first step to figuring out how to boost cell phone signal is to figure out the factors in what’s around you restricting your cell phone signal.
Some restricting factors to cell phone service are:

1. The carrier that provides you your service.
2. Where you live such as valleys where you have mountains all around you which tends to block cell service.
3. Materials inside your home that can block signal. Like material in your walls like insolation.
One of the best and for sure easy fixes with this problem is to switch cell phone carriers. A lot of the big time carriers like Verizon, Sprint, AT & T, and even T. Mobile who say they have coverage in these out back areas don’t mostly because they’re out of range of their towers due to mountains and wooded areas.

Carriers like straight talk and virgin mobile sometimes do get better cell phone signal in these areas, but not always. However before you go changing your carrier if changing your carrier is even an option for you there’s other ways to fix this problem without taking drastic measures.
How to boost cell phone signal without changing your carrier!

MyAmplifiers online store has boost devices that can boost your cell phone signal weather it at home or even at work. These boosters basically repeat and boost a signal that you already have. Example say you get one bar consistently your booster can repeat that signal and turn it into more bars.


Say you can only get those bars when you have your cell phone placed in a window. A booster device can grab that signal weather its one bar or two and boost it making it stronger and accessible throughout your house.

Most carriers will notify you when your in a poor service area and some will even let you notify your booster to become active from the convince of your cell phone. Other carriers require your booster device to be plugged in to a home phone service. Some just get plugged in to a wall outlet others can be plugged into your cellular device.

Whatever your needs are this is a for sure way on how to boost cell phone signal in your home or wherever your needs are.

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