3G Booster for Strong Mobile Signal

Many people rely solely on cell phones for communication these days. Home phones are almost a thing of the past. It is certainly cheaper to just have a cell phone than to have a land line and a cell phone, but what if you live in a place where you don’t get a good signal. You don’t have to stand by the window in the one room of your house where you might get reception. Trust me there are better ways. All you need to get good signal is a 3g booster.

The first step is figuring out what kind of signal booster you need. You need to decide what strength you need, and how much area you need it to cover. You can get them to cover just one or two rooms or your entire home. You can also get them designed for buildings with multiple floors. If you have no signal at all in or around your home, you may want to check your cell phone coverage with your phone or your service provider. You will need to check your decibel reading. -110db means you have no signal. 3g boosters are great for boosting signal, but they can’t create one. So if you don’t have any signal whatsoever, a 3g booster won’t work.

The first component of a 3g booster for your home is the outside antenna. You can get an omni directional antenna which brings in signals from every direction and can be used for multiple cellphone providers, or a directional antenna which recieves signal from only one direction but picks up that signal better. If you only have one tower that you are trying to boost, you should go with the directional antenna. The antenna is mounted to the outside of your home, preferably on the roof. Then you have the signal booster, which takes the signal and amplifies it.

The third component of a 3g booster is the inside antenna. Panel antennas broadcast the signal in one direction. These are good for multiple stories and long rectangular spaces. They are usually mounted on the wall. Dome antennas are usually mounted on the ceiling, and broadcast the signal in every direction. These are generally used for single story homes. You will also need to attach your components with cables. These should be included in your kit. Use the shortest amount of cable possible, because the signal will weaken passing through a long cable.
The other thing you need to know when choosing a 3g booster is the higher the decibel gain the more boost you will get, and the more expensive it will be. That’s why it’s good to have an idea how big an area you need to boost and how much boost you actually need. Most will give you an estimate on how much of an area they cover in their description.
Now you know all about 3g boosters. Enjoy your clear conversations, lack of dropped calls, and not having to stand in one spot for fear of losing service.

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