10 Best PC Monitoring Software to Use

Today your PC grants cyber world access at your home where your family members and friends who come to your place, use various websites and do different activities behind you. That’s the reason monitoring software is absolutely a ‘must-have’ for protecting your family and your PC from this digital mischief. Online cyber-bullies, pornography, and other kind of violence loiter on the computer internet. But you can guard your family and friends from unnecessary exposure via good computer monitoring software. These type of programs will exhibit who is checking what when you’re not present at home.
Some of the excellent PC monitoring software provides ranges of tools and options to assist you in defending your family and have a relaxed mind.

1. Win Spy

Win Spy is popular monitoring software that can monitor your PC outstandingly. The software can easily spy PC’s messages, phone calls, emails, and chats. It can also get the exact GPS location of the targeted person. You can see all the activities that are taken place via webcam when you’re unavailable at home.

2. SpyAgent 8.1

This PC monitoring software presents the best monitoring features that can run smoothly in stealth as well as non-stealth modes, and can track efficiently the online searches, visited websites, sent and received emails, keystrokes typed, and applications and documents that are opened. SpyAgent has a superb screenshot capabilities and logging features. You’ve the access to block any app or website.

3. WebWatcher

WebWatcher is considered as fine monitoring software that presents the full set of PC monitoring tools. Though expensive, it is highly effectual PC website monitoring and site blocking tool that is simple to use. It can record emails and attachments, take real-time screenshots, record IM/chat conversations, block unwanted websites, record the websites visited, log keystrokes, and filter contents.

4. 1MobileSpy Pro

It is brilliant PC monitoring software that can help you with real-time monitoring. You can monitor contacts, mails, chats, messages, and SMS with the help of Mobile Spy Pro. You can monitor every activity taken place on PC secretly. You can even listen to all the live conversations taken place, and acquire current geo location.

5. Spector Soft

Reflecting upon as an effectual computer monitoring software, Spector Soft is also solid parental control software. Its’ every monitoring features are powerful. It has the potential to monitor the chats, emails, messages, keystrokes, websites visited, and many more. It can even check on screenshot captured, online searches, and website blocking.

6. eBlaster

eBlaster PC monitoring program is a strong spy that can be easily used and installed. With its help, you can monitor all the emails and chats sent and received, block unnecessary websites, and capture keystrokes. The spy software can also email reports anytime to you. You can see all the online searches and view both sides of IM and chats.

7. Net Nanny

This spy software is helpful where you can effortlessly monitor some other person’s use of PC. It is solid on internet filtering, website blocking, IM logging, scheduling, remote management, set internet time limits, monitor or stop chat/IM, record instant messages, and stop illegal file sharing.

8. CyberPatrol

CyberPatrol monitoring spy has shown gradual improvements with its new version. It is very easy to install CyberPatrol, and includes superior quality features, and standard computer monitoring tools especially for parents who want to have a close eye on their children. These features cover website filtering, keylogging, IM/chat blocking, time limits, website white-listing, block unwanted websites, and better reporting tools.

9. IamBigBrother

IamBigBrother is well-known parental control software that is a creative and ideal program providing the parents a good way to check their children’s computer with reliability. It executed basic parental controls by monitoring email recordings, chat/IM monitoring, keystroke logging, screen capturing, program monitoring, stealth mode, and also record viewed websites.

10. PC Pandora

This is a remarkable computer monitoring software that can track computer activities and internet activities at your home’s computer. The pricing structure of the product is unique, and it provides many valuable monitoring tools, reporting abilities, and blocking applications. You can easily install the PC Pandora that will allow you to know about the emails, word processing, chats, and many other activities in visible and stealth mode.
Therefore, you can pick the top PC monitoring software of your preference and find out all the activities taking place on your computer by your targeted family members or any other outside person visiting your home.

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