Best Ways To Boost Cell Phone Signal

Was there ever a time when you needed to use your cell phone but couldn’t get a signal? Getting a call from that special someone and soon as you begin talking the reception goes bad. These are all common problems we as cell phone users experience every day. There are many ways to get that boost without spending money or too much of it. This article is written for the many frustrated people who go through this electronic crisis.
1. Keeping your phone away from other electronics or electronic devises. Microwaves, televisions, laptops, or stereo systems all causes interference to your cell phone reception. Static can really disable any device if the current or electro charge is too strong, especially in a house or building. Just try easing away a feet when watching TV or set your laptop a few inches to the side, rather in front of you. Inches definitely can make a world of difference. If that doesn’t work, try turning off other devices because sometimes, less is more.

2. Correctly holding your phone. Most people hold there phones in strange ways or positions which blocks the signal of the antenna. Holding the phone upright can make a world of difference since mobile signals shoot or project out. The antenna projects signals outward in a donut shape and if your hand is in a weird position; yes you’ll lose power. Hold your phone correctly, being upright so that it can see and respond to your carriers location better. If you have an older model, the antenna is located near the upper-rear region. Making slight hand adjustments works wonders.

3. Windows. Sitting in a house or building full of furniture and accessories can obstruct a cell phone signal. Try opening a door or standing by a window. Also try walking around outside as this is the most common way people tend to get better reception. Being too deep in a wooded area or surrounded by buildings should be avoided if possible as these are major cell phone signal blockers.

4. Technological Changes. 3g and 4g can be a bit over rated. The capabilities of a higher bandwidth isn’t all ways necessary. Anytime the newest technology comes out, we tend jump at it before comparing the negatives to the positives. 2g signals reach hard to get areas better because of the lower bandwidth. This will give you better coverage much more than the newer 3g/4g phones. Higher bandwidths isn’t the end all, be all. It’s all about the distance and time between the transmission towers.

As you can see; these are the best ways to boost mobile phone signals without spending extra money.

There are products out there you can try and there’s even some apps that can be downloaded for boosters, but we’ll save that for another day.

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