What should be the Ideal Preparation Strategies for JEE Main 2016 Examination?

Cracking a JEE exam is the dream of every science student. Students study really hard to pass this examination on merit and take admissions in some of the most reputed college of India. Earlier IIT JEE and AIEEE used to be different examinations conducted by CBSE. But to reduce the probability of booking different seats by one student, CBSE made it a combine examination and renamed it JEE (Joint Entrance Examination). The students appearing in the examination this year will be eagerly waiting for JEE Main 2016 Answer Key so that they can get a rough estimate about their scores in the examination.

But to do well, it is needed that you adopt the most ideal strategies to do really well in JEE examination. Some of the best strategies have been discussed here. Following these strategies will surely help you out in achieving good score in JEE examination.

Be perfect on what you know

Achieving perfection is one of the most difficult tasks especially when we are preparing one of the toughest exams of our career. JEE is one of the toughest examinations taken by students after intermediate. Perfection can only be achieved by practicing the things several times and memorizing them for long. Being perfect doesn’t mean that you can solve all the questions correctly, but it means that your fundamentals are clear enough. If you have strong basics then you can get over the JEE questions with ease. Practice harder so that most of your answers matches the JEE Main answer key.

Do Not Start with New Topic on Last Week

The JEE Main examination with commence on 3rd April (Online mode) and on 9th April (offline mode). As you all know that this is the last week, so do not start with new topic. Focus on revising the topics that you have covered so far. Starting with the new topic might cause trouble and you may get stuck up at different concepts. This may make you low on confidence. It is really important top start your examination on a high node. So, it is always advisable not to start up new topic just before a week for exam.

Give Proper Time to Revisions

Revisions are always fruitful. You must revise the things at least twice before the examination. Revision makes you memorize the things for longer period of time. It will ensure that you mark the answers correctly if you memorize the formulas. Revision plays an important part. If you wish that most of your answers match the 2016 JEE Main Answer Key, then make sure that you revise the things carefully. Revision and reading are two different things. Never mistook reading with revision. Reading is just going with the flow, but while revising the things, you need to recall the things for longer period of time so that the concepts get saved inside your mind.

Practice Sample Papers & Previous JEE Papers

“Practice makes a man perfect.” This proverb must be heard by most of you. So what you are waiting for? Start practicing the sample papers and previous year JEE papers to improve your efficiency and speed. This will also let you know about the difficulty level of the exam and how hard you have to prepare in order to score well. The students appearing in the JEE exam for online test must practice the papers online.

Take Care of Health & Sleep Properly

‘Health is Wealth’. Health is really important. You cannot concentrate on studies if you are not healthy. So, take care of your health until the exams have been commenced. Eat balanced diet so that you get enough nutrients required for good health. Do not ever compromise with your sleep. You should sleep for at least 8 hour in a day. Also, drink about 3 liters of water.

Final Say

Once JEE exam has been commenced successfully, you can wait for JEE Main 2016 Answer key to be released by CBSE on April 18. You can challenge CBSE if you find any answer to be wrong in the answer key. All the very best to students appearing for JEE Mains examination 2016!!

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