Turn Your Dream Video into Reality With WondershareFilmora

It’s time to ignite your story telling capability with amazing video editor, the Wondershare Filmora. Available on both Windows and Mac, this software is the finest example of enhancing your skillset, and let your video speaks a story of your heart! Through this video editor, you will be able to express your creativity, and at the same time, amaze others with beautiful results! This video editor is compatible with the latest Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.10, to match the flexible requirement of clients. It is, by far, the most effective and beautiful video software, which you might have come across, these days!


Maintain a perfect balance

With the help of this handy and simple video editor, you can always strike a perfect balance between simplicity with ultimate creativity. It helps in offering ample features and tools, which most other people would like to use. On the other hand, you have more than 300 special effects, overlays, objects and even sound effects, to work in your favor! Furthermore, add transitions and music tracks to make your videos alive!

Jot down some key features

Before you plan to download Wondershare Filmora let’s chalk down some of the features first. Some of these features are now listed below:

• Music library: In this library, you can choose from an amazing collection of music tracks, to work well with the videos, you are about to make
• Titles and texts: This video editor would like to help you to support some animated texts
• Elements: Add some incredible motion and still graphic support with the help of this editor
• Filters and Overlays: For a slight professional touch, you can use overlays and designed filters
• Unique form of visual effects: You have the liberty to add more than 100 visual effects
• Speed control: If you want, you can further add time lapse and slow motion support

Must-known apps, tips and other utilities

With the help of this Filmore video editor, you will get the chance to express your creativity and amaze the current beautiful results. You will be able to edit, cut, trim and even merge clips to form a final video. Moreover, you can further add some text and music to your video, to make it function proficiently. On the other hand, you can apply special effects, and get professional looking movie in just few minutes. It is a free download, therefore; you do not have to spend a single penny extra!

Some major points to follow

Apart from the points mentioned above, the Wondershare Filmora has some simple effects too. You will be able to expand your current imagination with more than 100 visual effects. Even if you have any home video, you can turn it into something extraordinary with a little bit of effort only. With the help of this editor, you will enjoy frame by frame scrolling. Enjoy precise control over the audio and video frames, from one slide to another.
• From this segment, you will enjoy frame by frame preview. Other than that, this editor will offer speed control. You can control the pace of clips and create beautifully sped up time lapse. Additionally, enjoy a stunning slow motion effect with the help of this video editor.

• If you want, you can further play the video in reverse. Reverse your footage whenever the right time comes and get some funny videos too, which you have not imagined.

• Enjoy HD quality videos, which can bring clarity to video. It will help you to enjoy best close-ups; so that you can, view details of the video with high clarify.

• If you want some seamless transitions, you can have it from this sector, too. You will be able to combine various videos and multiple pictures together with easy transition effects. It further helps in turning the scattered moments into nothing but a meaningful story.

• Audio separation is another important feature of this video editor. You can easily remove any sort of background noise with this editor by adusting, separating and applying audio, which will match the present movie.

• Auto enhance is going to be another added point of your use. You can always enhance the present quality of your picture with proficient auto contrast. On the other hand, you can enhance the brightness as well, to ensure that the videos are back to your life.

• Social import services will turn your video lively. Now, importing is going to be an easier service now! You have the liberty to choose from a wide source selections, which even include social networking mediums, like YouTube and FB.

Download Wondershare Filmora

Turn Your Dream Video into Reality With WondershareFilmora
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