Get Reliable Recovery Experience with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Today, a number of data recovery software are available on the internet. Some of these paid, while some are free. All of these differ in terms of features, interface and such. In terms of all these, one software has become at top, and that’s the EaseUS Data Recovery Software. The software is both available in free version, and 3 different premium, more paid versions. However, most of the features can be easily found within the free version.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

EaseUS Data free data recovery software is software that can allow its user to search for lost files, which were accidentally deleted, or were lost due to some technical failure, like hard disk failure, system crash, OS crash, virus etc. The software can recover files from a variety of storage devices. Features of the software can be found below:

Recovering files

When you first open the software, you will notice the first page is the select file type page. Without wasting any time, you begin to start searching for your file. Common file formats are divided into 6 categories and displayed in front of you, these are audio, graphic, document, email, video and other. By choosing a specific file type, the program assists you in searching for the lost file even more quickly, as it narrows down the search material.
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Selecting Path

Next, you begin to select the location where the lost files were previously located. At the bottom of this window screen, you will also be able to see any lost partitions. After you have successfully selected the location or lost disk, you can start to recover it. The recover process will be shown at top left with a bar, and people have options to pause or stop the scan.

Scanning & Restoring

The first scan is relatively quick, and is called the quick scan, which immediately searches for all the deleted files or recently lost files. If you are not able to find your files in the quick scan result, the software gives you the option to opt for deep scan. Deep scan must be used when you can’t find your files, or the recovered files cannot be opened. This scan may take more time, but results are almost guaranteed.

After the deep scan has ended, chances are you have found out your file. However, there may be many more files, and you may not know the exact file name. In this case, you can select specific files, and preview their contents. The right side window pane will show you the contents of the file, moreover, you will also have options to filter file types at this screen. After you have made your selections, you can easily click on recover and the files will be restored to their original location.

EaseUS free data recovery software has gained popularity among many people and users. It has several positive reviews, and is the choice of a number of people. It allows for a speedy and quick recovery process, with no space for any other issue. It’s reliable, and works second to none.

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