How to Increase Instagram Followers

Around four to five hundred million people use Instagram. This kind of statistics is really impressive and motivating. In fact, around 300 million users regularly visit their account to check out updates and news feed. This is very positive from the point of business. For online businesses and marketers, Instagram is just the goldmine to be capitalized upon. Few effective ways can increase your fan following.

Signing up with Facebook

If you wish to set up your account very fast, sign up with Facebook and add friends in the list. Thus, your friends who are already there in the Instagram portal will start following you while you do the same. Ask your family members to follow you to boost the profile. Although, previously considered to be a low profile social platform, Instagram is now popular enough to draw the attention of masses. Through this portal, you can reach out to maximum number of online users and potentials.

Employing Quality Photos

Make sure you only use beautiful and high quality photos to be posted to the account. Thus, if the photos are crisp and bear good quality, they attract more likes, which show on the news feed of friends. So, your friends of friends start liking your images and follow you. If there are more followers, more likes and comments, you will get an edge over your competitors. While clicking pictures, make sure that the lighting is perfect, so that you get sharper images. Focus must be right to make the image go viral and famous.

Liking Others’ Photos

If you like other people’s photos, there is chance that they will like yours. Once they do so, their activity will show on the news feed and your photos will start drawing attention. You can take the initiative and start a discussion with those liking your images. You will grow your network when individuals visit your profile.

Follow Others: The Simplest Way to get more Followers

If you are looking for the easiest and most practical way to acquire more followers, follow others. To create a connection with you, people start to follow you. Thus you gain more followers and more number of likes on your photos.

Commenting on Others’ Photos

Commenting on others’ photos is very helpful. When you do this, others start to follow you and start liking your image as well. One needs to take out some time from social media marketing and comment on others’ photos. Comments are more attention drawing than likes. Whoever views your comments on their posts, start to follow you. It is also important to use attractive comments.


If you wish to promote your products and services, all you need to do is employ Instamacro. It is a powerful tool to improve likes on the photos and gain more followers to the account. All the followers will be genuine and may turn out to be real customers. If you are a small business needing more exposure, it gets even more important to use the particular tool.

Employing Hashtags

Hashtags have become important on various social media platforms including Instagram. It helps in gaining more visibility. If you host a contest, it is important to let the participant use the popular hashtag. The more hashtags they use, more popular your photo becomes.
These are some important ways to improve the flow of followers to your Instagram account. Follow them and watch how your online popularity grows.

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