Where to Buy the Best Protein Supplements

Do you know the most obvious reason for people to start having doubts for products which are produced in a specific region? Well, it is due to the history of poor record which creates a general perception. Here, I am here talking about Indian context where series of poor quality products have actually stereotyped people into believing that supplements products which are produced in India ‘may not function’ to their optimum.

However, in order to break the stereotypes prevailing for years, Myfitfuel Whey Protein has come with a bang. It has raised eyebrows for people who were uptill now couldn’t think of any product better, which their own soil can actually produce.

The following post is actually the reason why I felt the need to write about Myfitfuel.com.

The product which has gathered all the necessary procedural norms such as taking FSSAI approval fits the needs of the clients who are only looking for quality products at cost effective price.

Let’s take a look at some of the ingredients associated with the product

• Whey Protein Concentrate: It is basically the raw content where flavors and artificial sugar is added
• Cocoa : You know how a quality product can have more takers if it is equally tasty, this is where the role of cocoa comes into play
• Sucralose: It has artificial sugar which doesn’t have calories
• Permitted Nature Identical Flavors: “More flavors”, “tastier” it gets, so it is another flavor to raise the taste further.

How can nutritional facts be overlooked while reviewing a product.

Let’s take you into a journey of ascertaining them
• Energy = 120 kcals
• Sugar = 0g
• Total Carbohydrates = 4.5g
• Protein = 23g
• Total Fat = 1.9g
• Cholesterol = 45 mg
• Sodium = 60 mg
Thanks to so much of nutritional value which you are getting, in just few clicks, you can actually buy protein supplement online, but not before I tell you other equally important aspects of the product

Whether it mixes easily?

Well, while mixing powder, I don’t have to face any chunk, as it is completely dissolved with no sticky substance waiting further stir or so.

If you want a thick solution, pour less water or milk or you can add depending on your need, but it tastes better with less solution.


Well, I can easily help you understand its actual taste as it is quite chocolaty. Well, it tastes so relishing, mouthwatering, that you tend to have it more often.
Its actual cost with respect to serving
• Well, you will get a pack of 14 serving in 899 INR,
• While in 1599 INR, you will own 2lbs packet.
(Price is half with respect to famous brands).

Now, through the following table, you can actually come to know how economical it is actually going to be
• 14 servings in 1 packet cost 899 INR, so 1 scoop with be 899/14 = 64.21
• A 2 pound packet come for 1599 INR with 28 scoops which will be1599/28 = 57.10 per serving


You can well relate to its actual price which is so low, that this product speaks for itself.

If you are looking for a high quality product at cost effective price, then you should go with this one.

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