Best Tech Stuff to Buy for University or College

Transitioning to college from high school is a major event in everyone’s life. It is a new chapter in life full of challenges and hard work. While most of the work is to be done by the student himself, he can always take technology as his partner and assistant. There are a number of gadgets and apps which the modern technology has to offer making day to day tasks and studies easy for students. While the list is long and depends on the student, his university, his subject course and environment, we have compiled a list of Top 5 best technology to buy for university or college.

1) Laptop/ Tablet

The top gadget every student should have is undoubtedly a laptop or a tablet. It will prove helpful in a variety of tasks like preparing for projects, storing lectures and notes, reading online books and for entertainment. Since it is one gadget which is used for long hours daily and needs to have a lifespan equivalent to at least the course of the college, one should choose this carefully. Light weight, fast processing and a good amount of memory are some factors which could be considered while buying a laptop for college.

2) Portable Hard Drive

Important information needs special backups and for this portable hard drives come as a handy option. Students can transfer their projects, lectures, study material and personal data to maintain a backup in the event of loss or computer crash. This also ensures the privacy of data and frees up space in the computer which always can be used for other stuff and enhance the performance of the computer.

3)Power Bank

In a hectic academic life, students have classes to attend, labs to visit, be a part of co-curricular activities, attend off-campus events, socialize and so on and forth. It becomes very important thus to keep the phone charged up in order to communicate and ensure security. It is apt to say that a smart phone is no more of a luxury but a necessity with useful apps and data residing in it. It thus needs to be with a student at all times and therefore needs to be charged. It is not possible to find a charging point everywhere so a power bank will always keep the phone up and running.

4)Evernote app

Evernote app is a smart advancement over the conventional way of maintaining notebooks. Using this app, students can convert notes from a paper into digital content with just a click of the camera button. This app helps in storing notes students write themselves or when they buy essay at Edubirdie or other websites. Apart from this, students can also create a to-do list, create reminders, store pictures and do a number of other tasks. This content is available from anywhere anytime. Students can also share it with anyone easily.


Constantly checking phones, even for looking at the time or weather, can lead to distractions which lead to spending long hours on phone. To help students with this problem, a smart portable gadget comes into scene. It puts the digital information in a simplified manual form. In a glance, one can view the real-time data including the time, weather, social media updates, traffic etc. It can be customized as per the student’s priority and needs at different times.

Best Tech Stuff to Buy for University or College
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