How to Join Multiple Audio Tracks with Movavi Video Editor

Joining a number of music tracks is useful for creating a trailer that play a short clip of all the tracks from a song album. You can also join together all your favorite song tracks into a single audio file to make it easy for you to transfer to your phone and listen.

To join together multiple audio tracks, you will have to first download and install a basic video editor like Movavi Video Editor. In Movavi Video Editor, you can import all the audio tracks that you want to merge by clicking on the Add Media Files button.


Every audio track that you import into the music merger software will display on the audio tracks row in the timeline according to the sequence you import them. For example, the first song track that you import will queue up first in the row and the second song track you import will lined up on the next after the first song track.

You can easily rearrange the position of the song track by dragging it with your mouse cursor to the desired position. You should arrange them in the sequence of which one you would like to listen first. Each audio file that you add is labeled with its file name in the timeline.

You can use the scissor tool to trim off some parts if you find that the merged audio files is too long and that your device don’t have enough space to store such a big file, to cut a certain part of the audio track file, you must first place the red marker line to starting point of the part that you want to delete.

Next, you must click on the scissor button and then drag the red marker to the end of the part that you want to delete. Finally, you must press the Delete key on your keyboard and the unwanted part will disappear from the timeline.

You can join as many audio tracks as you want in Movavi Video Editor. If you want to adjust the volume level, you must select the audio file in the time line and click on the Tools button. The Tools button will show the settings for the selected audio track. You will find a volume slider which you can drag to adjust the volume of the track song.

The original volume of the song is at 100% volume level. You can drag the volume slider to more than 100% to make the volume louder than the original volume. The further left you drag the audio file, the softer the voice level will be.

In the Tools, you will also find the fade in and fade out sliders. Dragging the fade in or fade out slider to the right will make the audio signal gradually increase or decrease. Fade in and fade out helps to smooth out the transitions of the audio clips that have been joined together. When you are done editing the audio files, you can click on the Export button and navigate to the Save Only Audio tab. You are to choose an audio format for saving the merged audio tracks, for example, MP3 and click on the Start button to save the file.

How to Join Multiple Audio Tracks with Movavi Video Editor
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