Essential Things to Know about Digital Printing

In this digital world, printing can be difficult with all the paper checks, color correction, selection of papers and huge tasks. But, you can get a great feeling, if your print comes off just as you had wanted. While designing the digital printing, you should keep the following things in your mind.

What actually is the digital print?

This technology of printing is linked with the computers. Among various processes, the two main technologies are dry toner process with the powder toner and the liquid electrostatic ink.

Select The Print Options:

When you are going for the digital print, you are required to select the printing options wisely. Your camera and the printer may offer you with direct printing options. You can go for the direct print from the memory card or can transfer into your computer. Both the outputs may give you different results. You may print the photos in both the ways and select the one, which is better.

Preview Pictures:

Before choosing the final print option, you may check the picture in the preview option. The preview screen helps to complete your tasks faster as you are not required to print more than once. It also saves the ink cost as you do not need to print the index sheet first and then the final print. Besides, if you have taken several similar kinds of photos with very minor differences in the settings, you should opt for the preview screen to check the best picture among them.

Never Edit Before a Real Check:

You should never try fixing the photos before seeing it properly. The shading and the color in the screen of your computer or the printer’s preview may not be exactly the same with the print output. If you want the best picture with minimal edits, you can simply crop the picture and take the print. You can do some manual adjustments, if you do not like the printed version. Your printer may contain any automatic options for fixing and you can opt for them before going for the manual changes.

Be Familiar With the Auto Edit Features:

When you are using the auto fix features, you must become familiar with them. Most of the standard printers possess inkjets, with the auto fix features. These features can analyze the images and can perform several settings simultaneously. You can invest your effort and time to switch on the features, as well as switch it off to notice, which one gives you that perfect output.

Get Accustomed with Advanced Edit Functions:

The basic editing functions include the red-eye correction and the cropping features. But, if you want to obtain the best quality digital print, you must be aware of the advanced editing features in your printer. All the options are named in such a manner that they are self- explanatory and, therefore, easy to use. The editing features need to be explored a large number of times to get accustomed to them.

Various Papers:

You can experiment with various qualities of paper. You may opt for a glossy finish or a matte look according to your preference. Make sure that the color and the shading suit well with the type of paper you are using for the print.

When you are involved in the digital printing, you should try exploring the printer driver very well. This will help you to connect yourself to various settings that can make or break your final output. While you are editing the pictures, make sure you are doing that on the copies and not on the original image.

Essential Things to Know about Digital Printing
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