How to Record iPhone/iPad Screen without jailbreak with iPhone Screen Recorder

Well, as a geek, it’s my honour to speak about the product which seems to be raging of sorts and considering its extensive features and capabilities, it has become quite a hot creation.

Yes, I am talking about iPhone screen recorder from AceThinker for you to record screen iphone. Through the following post, I would be highlighting the specific things which I thought worth sharing to my ever increasing clients’ base. Yes, this has come as part of a well researched mechanism, which I normally adopt for maintaining effectiveness and relevancy to impart the most appropriate knowledge and information.



Easy operation

Ok, let me begin by asking you, aren’t the things which done instantly usually carry the biggest charm of its own? Yes, that’s exactly the case with this recorder where relaying the screen on computer is so electrifyingly easy that you tend to feel happy and contend regarding the hard earned money of yours.

HD quality screen

HD quality is “permanent” with no compromise done on that aspect. I have specially observed this feature, since being a critique, I have found it to be outstanding and that forced me to narrate likewise. So, if you are looking for a product to make game tutorial or just enjoy viewing your iPhone/iPad screen in a bigger image without any compromise on the quality aspect, then Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder will be the best bet. I have found it to be perfect for easing myself in different operations and you can be next in line.

Click just “once” to record

Through the Acethinker Screen Recorder iPhone, you can actually view how simple a product can actually be made for the convenience of clients. Yes, no more taxing, challenging or difficult procedures to follow. Yes, recording is the easiest with a “click”. As I clicked “red button” meant for recording, it starts to work. Anything and everything can be recorded based on your interest and needs such as games, videos, chats, screenshots, GIFs, documents etc.

Recording continues, so what if you take your iphone

You take your iPhone/iPad away, (but it has to be in the same network as computer) and it continues to the record. Yes, recording continues and as it is done; you can save the video clip in your preferred mechanism. Now, based on liking, you can upload on different social media platforms (if you want to) for showing to friends, relatives etc

Tips to adhere

Well, what I have realized and want to tell you that your iPad/iPhone and computer should be using the same Wi-Fi network.
Well, as I have configured recording settings in the form of video quality, video format, or output directory, I with a single click was able to start record and so you will too.
The whole actions from the Smartphone is reflected “live” on the computer screen.
My judgment

Top Notch quality

The iPhone Screen Recorder gives you such an awesome way of seeing on a large screen all your activities by recording the activities in the process. Well, what I was basically concerned is about the quality in big screen. But to my pleasant surprise, it was quite “awesome”. Yes, so what if the screen is big, there is no effect in quality and that has actually made me quite impressed with the recorder instantly.

Simplified process

Well, it is easily connected and functions on various iOS gadgets through the use of Airplay. In simple language, it means, that I basically connect my iPhone/iPad to computer without any wires.

Everything is relayed and recorded

Whatever is going on your screen currently, be it animated images, videos, which can be easily screencasted.

Final thoughts

Well, I am normally try to find loopholes, but I believe after I have used it, I would have to say, that Acethinker iPhone Screen Recorder worth purchasing. It is for this reason that you can only have all the praise for this iPhone recorder which doesn’t let you to jailbreak your iOS by making the whole process so simple, effective and easy. The product is in line with different standards and considering the fact that it is reasonably priced $29.95, I can’t deprive you from the awesomeness which is in store for you. Purchase it without a doubt and I bet you are going to love it, like the way I do.

How to Record iPhone/iPad Screen without jailbreak with iPhone Screen Recorder
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