The Top Trends in Cyber Security

Cyber security has recently become one of the top digital concerns of businesses today. Many organizations have a fully dedicated department or individual who works on combatting the possibility of threats that come along online. The thing to understand about the world of cyber threats is that they are constantly evolving. Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to steal data from those who are vulnerable. Here are the top changing trends in the cyber security business that can help protect companies from these threats.

Crackdown on Phishing

More security breaches are happening due to phishing scams. In fact, cyber security experts are seeing huge increases in the number of phishing attacks on personal information and corporate data. What typically happens is that unsuspecting employees are inadvertently clicking on scam websites for company email or intranet usage. Phishing scammers are getting much more sophisticated on creating realistic looking sites for entering in login and password data. To protect against these kinds of attacks, look to see more data analysis tools that identify unusual patterns in login and password usage.

More Qualified Experts

Another trend for the future of cyber security is an increase in the number of people qualified to do this line of work. More degree programs are expanding their fields to deal with the increased demand for expertise in this sector. Maryville’s cyber security masters program is now online, allowing aspiring cyber security professionals to access coursework from almost anywhere. This could give a whole new class of security expertise to a variety of industries that have traditionally had poor protection against this threat.

Better Data Breach Protections

Data breaches are also a common threat in cyber security. As more experts learn newer ways to combat these costly problems, expect to see additional methods to fight against breaches.

Rising Cases of Ransoms

Ransomware is another term that will become more commonplace in the near future. This type of threat puts your data on lockdown unless you pay a scammer a specific amount of money. Individuals who are caught up with their data being held like this often resort to simply paying the criminal off. Cyber security professionals are working to find ways to deter this type of problematic scam.

Increased Legislation

Finally, the last big trend for the future of cyber security includes new laws being passed. As cyber criminals continue to think of new ways to extort money from people and steal information, lawmakers have a big task on their hands. Legislators must continue to do work by passing tough laws that make the newest threats illegal. There must also be an increased vigilance in catching these criminals in the act and prosecuting their crimes. That way, more cyber crimes can go punished, and some criminals may be deterred from these acts.

Cyber crime is not going anywhere for some time, so it’s essential for companies to arm up and fight back against criminals. As new scams are thought up, businesses must recruit additional manpower and brainpower to come out on top.

The Top Trends in Cyber Security
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