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The best thing about apps and tech tools is that they enable us to be creators even if we lack certain skills. Take, for example, WYSIWYG website builders that allow us to become website creators and authors without any website development skills. Or a plethora of image editing tools and apps that can turn us into Instagram influencers even though we’ve never taken any photography course. It is safe to say that if something is worth creating – there is an app for that. This also goes for stickers, tags, labels and other printable materials that follow us in almost every sphere of life. As a parent of a baby, preschool, school kids or active teens, you probably spend a little fortune every year on providing stickers for almost any kids item that you have: baby bottles and bibs, shoes and socks, textbooks and notebooks, kids clothes, backpacks, sports and camping bear, etc.

As a small business owner or homemade product maker, you are probably faced with a need to label your products with labels that will differentiate your homemade cupcakes or craft beer from competing products and entice consumers to try it.

And as a regular, social human being, you organize and attend parties, send out invitations, present gifts, decorate your house for holidays, manage all sorts of household items that need to be labeled and marked in some way.

Although it doesn’t really seems so, we depend on stickers, labels and tags in our daily lives a lot. Wouldn’t it be great then to be able to supply ourselves with original and unique stickers for various occasions and purposes? The good news for those of you who think it would is that it is possible (there IS an app for that too!). Labeley is a completely free web based app for designing custom, personalized labels and stickers for kids, homemade products and household items, business and private events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and more.

You can even create stickers to label your mobile devices and other personal gadgets!

The best thing about Labeley is that you do not need any graphic design skills to create totally original and personalized stickers for any occasion. All the elements like shapes, borders, backgrounds, fonts and colors, as well as graphics created by pro designers are ready-made and available for use for free (there is no any charge for using any of the graphics). On top of it, if you have some images that you would really like to use for customizing your stickers, you can upload them and stick on your design. Also, it is possible to resize, move or rotate any of the sticker elements.

The design process itself is very straightforward: click the button Start designing and choose the label category that best suits your needs: general purpose labels, kids stickers, wine or beer, or holidays.

This will take you directly to your chosen tool, where you first choose the shape for your label. After that, you get to the creative part of customizing it with all the other elements mentioned above.


Once you are happy with your design, you are free to save it and download without providing any contact or personal details. But if you would like to be able to go back to the sticker made by you and then edit it for future needs (for example, change the name on your “thank you” notes), you can opt for creating a free Labeley user account. To get your stickers printed by professionals on self-adhesive materials, you can request a quote from Labeley on their printing services.

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