Management 3 Certification Course For Effective Management

Management 3 is a world management revolution and these techniques can be implemented anywhere in the world and used for almost all business. this management 3 is a modern day management that lays down a gateway for leading Agile teams in a changing world, and combines the fundamental principles of complexity thinking, Agile management and lean product delivery to inspire the managers of companies.

What the course is about?

In this course, participants will learn about all the different project models and experienced managers can adapt their leadership styles to contemporary styles of management. This course is not just for leaders, though, as management 3 practitioners feel that in order to make a challenge in the world, the role of management cannot be left to managers alone but has to be undertaken by all workers at every level.

In this Management 3 certification training, participants will learn how agile methods have grown out of the growing need to manage challenging and unpredictable circumstances. Candidates of this course will be able to gain knowledge on diverse team management practices that are based on scientific research, and learn to apply management theories in their situational context in the real world.

This training course provides the participants the knowledge required to become an effective manager in today’s complex corporate world and help to create success in the face of rapidly evolving global market conditions. Similarly, participants will also learn to think differently and expand their options as a manager to work more effectively and transform their workplace.

What the participants will learn?

In this training, participants will learn about
• Employee management
• Project management
• Intrinsic motivation
• Organisational structures
• Complexity thinking
• Agile methodology
• Self organisation
• Goal setting
• Competence development
• Delegation
• Team decision-making
• Change management
• Performance management Vs performance appraisal
• Compensation
• Learn the theory and practice of diverse management principles with a scientific background
• Understand Agile methodology, and its popular practices and challenges
• Learn about the theory of complexity
• Understand about the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, and how to inspire people
• Learn how to make self organization work, and how to develop the trust in relationships
• Learn about setting goals and definitions of purpose
• Seven approaches to development of competence
• Learn theories of organizational structure
• Learn and understand about the concept of change management and how to find challenges that are caused due to change

Who can do this course?

This management 3 course Brussels will provide value to leaders, managers and knowledge workers those who want to become Agile, and to other stakeholders involved in leadership and management. This course can also be pursued by the following participants,
• Team leaders
• Development Managers
• Coaches
• Scrum managers
• Project managers
• Product owners
• Developers and testers
• Top level management professionals


Once the participant has finished this training course successfully, they will be provided with a certification of course completion at the end of this training course.

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