VPS Hosting – Everything You Want to Know in Details

Your have finished with doing the backend aspect of your website and now you want to get your website live, for that you need to choose a hosting. You know that you are here for a long run and quite like the problems and inconveniences which you hear from others; you are more than cautious prior to choosing the specific hosting. Rightly so, as right kind of hosting can just give your website, an edge over others.

Although, most of us do care about the technical aspects of building a website with regards to coding and all and operating it, yet we somehow take the aspect of hosting for granted. May be we are too excited to make the website “live” or we easily fall in the trap of various companies making tall claims only to make us realize later, that we are actually duped.

Hence, considering this most important, obvious and familiar problem which most of us face some time or the other, I am coming up with the following post in order to give you an idea about the specific hosting namely VPS Hosting.

VPS or Virtual Private Sector offers ultimate option for people who are looking for dedicated, reliable and reasonably priced service on monthly basis.

I have initially thought to use the hosting for a minimum trial period or max 12 months, but it’s awesome features and reasonable price compelled me to use it even now and hopefully forever. Here’s the result which is based on the following aspects:-


What exactly is VPS Hosting?

See, I am reviewing VPS hosting primarily on its “utility” with respect to “price”. Yes, obviously, considering the intense competitive world where different hosting companies are mushrooming on daily basis, price has to be very reasonable. While having said that, there shouldn’t be any compromise on its features.

Why you should go with VPS?

• VPS Hosting contains the aspects of shared as well as dedicated hosting services. Similar, to the characteristic of a shared hosting, VPS hosting will host your website along with other websites. But, comparably, there are way lesser sites with it, thus giving you quality facilities. Considering shared hosting, you obviously have to pay far lesser amount if you were to calculate monthly or yearly basis with respect to the facilities on ground which you are actually getting.

• Another aspect which is worth mentioning here is that, there was no reason for me to get worried at all, as there is no sharing of resources from my site with that of my neighbors’ sites, unlike the usual practice with respect to Shared Hosting.

• While going with VPS Hosting, I realized that my site has individual storage, operating system, RAM, in short its own partitioned area. Hence, I experienced smooth operations while my site was loading quickly and I rarely experienced issues, like once I did face for 2-3 minutes, which is quite understandable in a bigger scenario.

• Based on the VPS configuration, the price may vary from 20$ to 100$.

• You don’t have to pay at par with Dedicated hosting, I mean way lesser than what you could have actually paid for such a service with respect to the facilities you are receiving. Having said that, obviously quite like what I experienced.

• If the hosting is “just perfect” with loading and comes with a reasonable charge. Obviously, I am “Ok” with the loading thing being offered with VPS and I see no reason, why you shouldn’t go with it.

• This is actually the gist of the service which I have used just to experience it, and now I have been continuously using the same as well.
Obviously, if you are looking for a much stronger service of late, then dedicated hosting is the substitute. It comes with more power and flexibility and your business may just need it.


Initially, based on my experience, I will suggest you to opt for webhost, which comes with “unlimited” features with regards to RAM storage, domain hosting, CPU power, monthly date transfers as well as good number of emails. However, this is one particular area where VPS operating system options are centered or I should use the word limited. Yes, it is actually limited. As you might know the fact that mostly VPS hosting is primarily offering Linux based operating systems. It is up to you to take the service of the Web host for caring about the back-end matters or you want to do the same all by yourself. If you want to get it done, then you don’t have to worry about the issues relating with handling and all such as patches, updates, handling backups etc. The service does come at a cost where you may have to shell $100. Well, this is the drawback of the hosting, which you should also take care prior to purchasing.

Final thoughts

Primarily, the aforesaid post is based on the above aspect of VPS hosting which also comes with limitation. Although, having said that, considering its overall aspect of features, one can advisably go with it for a hassle free time. After all, when it comes to the smooth conduct of business, you want things to be systematic and perfect with negligible inconvenience. Rightly so, VPS hosting has proved itself to be here for a long haul. For me VPS hosting has now become is an ideal option for taking your business further. If you overlook that one limitation, the rest of the things are quite promising for a hosting which is indeed falling in line with the expectations of people. I have also talked to users of this hosting with regards to what they generally feel about it and they are also mostly ”fine”, which to me is no wonder or surprise sort of thing. Now, the balls rests on your court and the above post offers detailed features for you to decide yourself. Hopefully, I am able to present the post which helps people looking for the genuine hosting.

VPS Hosting – Everything You Want to Know in Details
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