10 Important Tips for WordPress Web Designing

With hundreds of websites existing online, getting ahead of the competition requires a well-planned approach and a strategically appealing physical website design. So, in this article, you’ll learn a few tips on how to design a website that can help you achieve success in a breeze.

1. Level Up Your Images

Using high-quality photos on your website is a good element to improving your site’s aesthetics. It’s time to invest on premium images and avoid common and old photos. Are you low on the budget? That’snot an excuse; you can create your own images using some of the free photo editors online! Using these photo editors, you can customize the pictures to make them more personal and relevant to your website.

2. Make Use of Style Guides

Style guides are well-known in web designing. You are free to create your personal style guide when you design a website. This helps make sure that your site has one particular concept and not look trashy and cheap.

3. Use Larger Font Sizes

Gone are the days of smaller texts and fonts. Big typography is the new deal. This is because having larger fonts gets a higher chance of grabbing the reader’s attention before focusing on the content. Additionally, we are in the era wherein mobile devices can accommodate web searching; hence, it would be nice that your audience can read your website even if they are just using their smartphones. Remember, readability is a big deal when you design a website.

4. Scrap the Sidebars

While sidebars are helpful, they can create clutter on your site. Some advertisers use these to advance their content which could sometimes be totally irrelevant. Also, while sidebars can help the users navigate through your site, in reality, they are not actually being used according to a study. Consider alternatives for your site instead.

5. Declutter the Space

Similar to what was mentioned in point number 4, too much clutter can distract your readers and might make the site less interesting and more frustrating to them. However, this shouldn’t stop you to try to design a website that is uniquely attractive as possible. Instead, we only suggest that you should also try to evaluate your content and minimize only to relevant ones. The simpler it is, the more sophisticated and catchy it would look.

6. Sketch Ahead

We are going back to the basics with this fundamental tip: never hurry with web designing. Sometimes, all you just need is a good sit back and deep thinking. Plan ahead and sketch your website concept instead of jumping right into your screen. You can use a paper and pen or some prototyping tools to help you design a website. Seriously, this old school tip still works.

7. Keep the Navigation Simple

Having lots of links on your blog posts, sidebar, and homepage may complicate your website traffic that navigation might end up confusing, making your audience leave the site immediately. Try placing the relevant, primary content on the homepage and categorize similar secondary content in a few pages. You might be surprised on how much your website will improve.

8. Try Mobile Responsive Designing

As the mobile device usage grows, you also need to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. Hence, it is best that you also commit to responsive designing to keep your work as flexible as ever.

9. Say Goodbye to Sliders

Sliders are similar to sidebars; they don’t do any good to the website. Plus, your visitors actually never use them. Instead, focus on designing a space that would be more useful to the client and site viewers.

10.Test Your Design

The tips mentioned are based on the current trend. You need not follow everything mentioned above; the key is knowing what you want to offer and knowing what your client needs. Hence, mastering the skill of A/B testing might work well for you.

10 Important Tips for WordPress Web Designing
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