Cool New Features of the Latest MacBook Pro

We’ve been waiting for Apple to produce its latest MacBook Pro and last year the wait finally came to a conclusion. The new MacBook Pro looks slimmer, powerful and lots more fun. But what are the cool new features of the latest MacBook Pro and how to get your hands on this beast of a machine?

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A Touch Bar

The most noticeable, and talked about, feature in the new MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. The bar is a whole new feature from the previous Apple laptops and there isn’t anything similar out there yet. The Touch Bar allows you to use functions such as shortcuts, emojis, application menus, music controls and volume, and the brightness of the display, among other things. It also has a dedicated button to connect with Siri, which increases thing you can do with the bar. You’ll most likely start seeing apps adding Touch Bar functionality soon, with Adobe Photoshop already announcing it’ll add it to its software. The bar is a unique take on a touch screen and could make certain functions quick and easy to use.

A Touch ID

Speaking of touching, the new version has a Touch ID function. This allows you to do plenty of fun and useful things with the laptop. The feature allows fingerprint authorisation, which can be used to make secure payments on sites that support Apple Pay, such as Barneys New York and Shopify. You can also use it to switch between different users; a great feature for offices or larger families.

A more powerful display

The new MacBook Pro has updated its display and this is great news. The display is supposedly the “best Mac display ever” and it does offer a big upgrade from the previous laptop. What you’ll see with the new laptop is a 67% brighter view, with 25% more colours on display. In addition, the contrast ratio is 67% higher to the previous model. If you work in video or photo editing, the difference is truly noticeable and it’ll make playing games a lot more fun as well.

A thinner, lighter look

As mentioned at the start, the new MacBook Pro is lighter and slimmer than its predecessors. The difference is about 17%, with the new model weighing just 3 pounds. It’s actually lighter than some of the old MacBook Air models. In fact, the technology giant is planning to end producing it’s 11-inch MacBook Air and focus on promoting the lighter and more powerful 13-inch model of the Air and the MacBook Pro. According to Apple, the footprint of the latest model is an impressive 23% smaller than its previous MacBook Pro. This is a great reason to buy the laptop if you’re looking for something powerful and portable.

Thunderbolt 3 ports

You won’t find traditional ports on the new MacBook Pro. Instead, Apple has built in ports called Thunderbolt 3, which can be used for all sorts of functions. The ports allow you to charge, connect accessories to it, and use for external video displays. You can also use it with the new USB-C standard that is slowly catching on in different gadgets. Nonetheless, while the feature is cool and exciting, it currently means you probably need to buy new cables and adapters for many of your gadgets. For anyone upset about the lack of headphone jack in the new iPhone, you can let out a sigh of relief, as MacBook Pro has one.

Two sizes and a new colour

The latest MacBook Pro is available in two sizes. The smaller 13-inch and a bigger 15-inch, giving you options between larger display and better portability. You definitely should be careful in considering which size suits your needs the best, as the difference in the enjoyment of using it can be big. Furthermore, another cool thing about the model is the new colour: Space Grey. The colour has been available for iPhones in the past and it adds elegance to the laptops as well.

How to get your hands on the latest model?

There are plenty of ways to shop for the latest MacBook Pro. You should always buy either directly from Apple or from any affiliated retailer. If you are shopping online, always use a verified website to buy, to ensure you won’t be disappointed with your purchase and end up as a victim of a scam. Furthermore, since Apple’s MacBook Pros don’t always have the cheapest of price tags, be smart about where and when you buy. You can find retailer or Apple specific voucher codes at OZCodes, which could help you cut down the costs. Remember, there are different versions of the latest MacBook Pro and the cheapest model does not feature the Touch Bar. The non-Touch Bar version is only available in the 13-inch model. So, if you are looking for this specific feature, always check the model before you buy!

Cool New Features of the Latest MacBook Pro
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