PDF Compressor for iOS and Android Smartphones

Have you heard about the latest research on mobile phones? According to business platform Statista.com, once we enter the year 2017, there will be 2,6 milliard people who will use smartphones, and that will make the third of the world population. How impressive data, right? Probably you’ve assumed that there are numerous smartphone users, but you couldn’t imagine that figure.

Therefore, more and more people will use their favorite gadgets to do their everyday activities or to get their job done. Whether you need to pay your bills, to finish up a monthly report or to find an amazing recipe for your next dinner party, you can all do it on the fly from your mobile phone. It’s a great source of endless possibilities.

That’s why in order to make your little friend more functional and practical, you download many convenient apps that make your smartphone in a portable computer and other necessary devices at the same time. So, today more and more useful apps have been developed in order to fulfill consumers’ needs and requests and make their business and private life easier. One such app is most certainly Compress PDF.

This helpful app will give you a hand with effortless document management and make your PDF files light as a feather. Hefty documents are extremely difficult to manipulate, to upload or to send and let’s not speak how much phone memory they occupy. However, when they are light weighted, then they are manageable smoothly. Aside from laying down your burden, this PDF tool has some other handy features:

• Completely free PDF compression service, without damaging the quality of the original file
• Reduce size of PDF documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive
• Compression is performed on the servers, so it won’t have any impact on your battery
• Nice and clear design that even six-year-old knows how to use

And to assure you, we’ll show you how to shrink successfully PDFs on your smartphones in no time:

1. Primly, download Compress PDF from the App Store or Google Play
2. Choose a document you’d like to convert. Add it from your phone or cloud services
3. Wait a little bit and your file will be compressed considerable or slightly depending on the document quality

Download for Android // Download for iOS

PDF Compressor for iOS and Android Smartphones
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