Top Ways to Get Lice as an Adult

Generally it is said that children are more prone to lice while adults enjoy immunity, but that’s not true because they too are prone to lice infestation. Thus it is important for individuals to take care of their hair before they cause enough damage to your personality. Though lice infestation is not a dangerous disease anyway but it can have an adverse impact on your personality and lower your confidence and moral.

Below are some of the common ways through which an adult person can get infected with lice. Let’s try to understand basic reason of lice infestation in adults so that you can get rid of these tiny creatures at the earliest.

By direct contact with an infected person’s hair-

Even if you are not much of a social kind of person you can’t rule out that sometimes you do get close to some people. For example you do come close to your wife while sleeping, you do come close to your kids while playing with them, or while attending meeting with peers in your office. If any of these individuals is infected with lice, chances are that you too will be infected. Read more about Southern California lice services on our blog.

Indirect contact with personal items that the infected person used-

You may not share your dinning plate or your hanky with others, but you can’t rule out that sometime you do use items like chairs, sofas, headboards, and anything that may have contacted anyone’s head. Adult people sometimes get infected with lice by using such things also so don’t take it granted that you will not be infected with lice.

By not taking regular bath-

Personal hygiene is important to ensure a safe and clean body. There are many people who don’t take regular bath which is not a good thing at all. You need to take regular bath so that your hairs remain clean, healthy, and free of dirt. If you are not taking bath regularly then you are creating a situation where lice will flourish and develop.

By not using shampoo or cleansing agent on hair-

Sometimes it become important for individuals to use cleansing agents like shampoo, or other natural hair cleansers like garlic, petroleum jelly, or olive oil. These products not only clean your hairs but also provide required nutrition to hairs. Thus, it is important for individuals to use shampoo or various other cleansing agents on hair.

By not combing hair properly-

It may sounds crazy but it is true that combing is an art and if it is done properly you may reduce the chances of lice infestation manifold. Most of the people who comb their hair properly are less prone to lice infestation.

Top Ways to Get Lice as an Adult
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