10 Surprising Smartphone Fun Facts

Smartphones have become so common these days that we take them for granted. Today when 90% adults keep their smartphone within arm’s reach, and when 4 billion people own mobile phones – interestingly, only 3.5 billion use toothbrush, a rate lower than smartphones – we are still unaware of the history of mobile phones. Here is a list of 10 surprising and amazing smartphone fun facts.

Shopping Via Smartphone

1. How Our Age Determines Our Smartphone Usage

Persons with age in between eighteen and twenty-eight make use of smartphones to the fullest. According to statistical reports, almost all persons in between eighteen and twenty-eight arrange social meetings using their smartphones. The other interesting fact is that most people in this age use their smartphones to settle an argumentative dispute by looking info online on the smartphone.

2. How Much Do We Text

A 22 years old engineer – Nail Papworth – sent the first ever text message, and the content of this text message was “Happy Christmas”. It follows that texts have been part of our life for almost two decades. Text messaging is so developed now that it has its own specific language. When we type a text, we use a language that is different from formal writings.

Do you have any idea that who used OMG for the first time, the word which we use so commonly in our text messages? It was first used by a British Navy Admiral, John Fisher.

3. Smartphones – A Matter of Life and Death

Here is an interesting fun fact about iPhone users; 60% of total iPhone users say that they would rather die but won’t give up their phone. 40% of iPhone users can give up their coffee for their smartphones while 18% of all iPhone users are willing to stop bathing.

A research shows that smartphones can also help you a lot in achieving academic success. If you have a smartphone, you can study whenever you want without carrying the burden of books. Some research also indicates that those we use smartphones for study purposes are getting more sleep.

4. Smartphones Apps

The most used smartphone apps are gaming apps because 64% of smartphone users play games on daily basis; some statistics show that people spend 8 hours a month for smartphone gaming. Users mostly play games while lying in the bed. The second most used category of apps is “Weather Category”. On the third number, there are social media apps. The other apps that users are very fond of are maps, music and news apps.

5. Shopping Via Smartphones

Regular shopping is reduced to a minimum by the continuous expansion of online stores. Instead of using our PCs or laptops, we use our mobiles for the online shopping. In 2010, Google went mobile friendly and that truly explains the continuous rise of mobile use for accessing online content. Do you have any idea that every 2 seconds, eBay sells an item via smartphone! Not only small things are sold with the help of smartphones, statistics show that the average of four Ferraris is sold in a month via smartphones.

6. One Smartphone isn’t Enough Anymore

You might have seen people using more than one smartphone because one phone is no longer sufficient. People use different smartphones for different purposes like one for business and one for personal affairs. Statistics show that 90% of the people, who own two smartphones, use them simultaneously.

7. Cell Phones, Initially a Privilege

The ancestors of smartphones were quite heavy – weighing almost two pounds – and they had very high prices as well. The first cell phone had the price of $3,995, and only those people could afford it who werefinancial giants.

8. Problems Regarding Identity Theft

Some statistics show that the number one concern people have after they lose their smartphone is that someone will steal their identity. It is because many people manage their bank accounts or credit cards via smartphones. Due to this identity theft concern, more than 70% smartphone users are unwilling to control their bank accounts with their mobile phones.

9. Smartphone Users in the UK

There are round about 43 million smartphone users in the UK alone and more than 20 percent users explicitly admit that they are addicted to smartphones. Being so addicted to smartphones, mobile network, data usage and speed are their paramount concerns. An interesting thing is that people in the UK don’t hesitate to answer a call whenever their phone rings, even in the bathroom.

10. Mobile Phones, a Fastest Growing Industry

Mobile phones industry is the fastest growing industry in the world. The smartphone companies keep on expanding the features of their products urging people to buy more. The compactness and the nature of smartphones that ensures timely access to worldwide data, make it a necessity for most people.

10 Surprising Smartphone Fun Facts
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