Top 5 Best Selling Android Games

The boom in the Android mobiles has also rocketed the Android market. The Android market is loaded with thousands of application and games. Some of them are free and for some there is a price to pay. Some of the best Android addictive games which are quite popular and are the best selling in the market are as follows :

1. Fifa 12

FIFA 12 is one of the bestselling Android games.This game features vibrant graphics .There are real players , real leagues and real team in this game, There are 22 official leagues , more than 500 licenses team with 15000 plus players. To allow you to capture the madness of the most popular sports of the world. With the new control schemes and a realistic 360° movement of the player and gesture handling skills these games can fill anyone with thrills.

2. Angry birds

Angry Birds is one the very popular Android game which comes in flavors of Angry bird Space , Angry bird Rio and Angry bird seasons. Most of its versions are free. It is a very high profile game to play. The gameplay is very easy with slingshot used to hit a group of pig’s .The level of puzzle increases as the level increases.

3. ASPHALT 7:Heat

Asphalt 7 Heat is another best arcade game launched by Asphalt at a price of $0.99.There are 13 cups in this game. Stars can be won by the player depending on the performance which can help to unlock the next level .Nitro boost can be used to increase the speed. This game has great visuals and dynamic motion.

4. Granny Smith

Granny Smith is a game from the makers of Sprinkle. Here one has to catch the apple thief.This game has already won many award. Granny Smith has an apple garden but a thief is steals her apples. The player has to help Mrs. Smith to get the apples .This game has some amazing stunts and spectacular crashes. There are 36 levels where one can swing and smash themselves, but make sure you land on your feet. This game has dazzling visuals and intuitive control.

5. World of Goo

World of Goo is a physics-based puzzle game by 2D Boy. The game consists of creating large structures using the goo balls. This is usually done primarily to get from point A to point Whole game is split into four chapters and an epilogue with numbers of levels. The game takes place in the world of goo over a period of one year and each season represents a season of the year, starting with the summer and ending with the spring. There are cut-scenes between the levels to maintain the continuity. The game is basically divided into five chapters which are further divided into several levels. Each level has its unique atmosphere and boasts its own graphics, challenges and musical themes. An additional ‘chapter’ selectable from the main menu is the World Of Goo Corporation. Goo’s collected above and beyond the required amount to pass a level are piped out of each of the played levels to hear. Starting from just a single triangle of Goo, the aim is to build the highest possible tower.

Which are your favorite Android games? Do not forget to share with us under comments.

Top 5 Best Selling Android Games
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