Best WordPress Magazine Themes for 2017

If your site is cluttered with too much of information and no picture, it won’t be easy for you to attract targeted audience. The rule is even applicable if you have too much of pictures and less information. Choosing the proper WordPress theme is a crucial task, if you want to make your official site looks chic and clean.

WordPress is no doubt the best base for your next best webpage to stand. Now, some topics likes news, keep on changing. So, the design of your web page needs to be flexible enough, for proper quick changes and easy navigational flow. It becomes easy when you have a quick knowledge about the best themes, presented these days.

Make sure to choose the right kind of WordPress theme, whenever you are planning to create your next best website. And with the new themes in the block, making the right choice seems to be a pretty easier option for now.

Here is the list of Best WordPress Magazine Themes.

1. Florentine

Florentine (formerly Meridian Recipes) is a beautiful, modern and best WordPress theme perfect for showcasing your recipes and articles. This theme delights visually and comes with a plethora of color and layout options.

With 19 different modules to choose from, you’ll easily be able to build your site to your liking. Boasting popular features such as the 5-star rating and bookmarking system and distraction free cook-mode, Florentine will surely impress your audience.

It’s easy to create recipes with Florentine without using shortcodes, and social sharing is a breeze with the custom social sharing modal element.

2. Envince

want to enjoy the services of drag and drop option? If so, then Envince is the one, which you might want to invest time one. And the best part is that it can integrate magnificently with SiteOriginal page builder.

3. Flymag

In case, you are not much into glam and glitter, and want a webpage, which is simple yet classy, then Flymag is the one, you should look for. It can even give wings to your creativity, to make some customized changes, if needed.

4. MH Magazine

mh magazine
In case, you are associated with a page, which provides a massive number of news then the layout needs to be perfectly clean and navigable. For that, MH Magazine can be the ultimatum to choose.

5. Voice

Elegance is the key characteristic, which you want to work on when you are going through Voice. It comprises of a pleasing effect, along with some color coded categories. You will love what you see.

6. Broden

This simple WordPress theme is likely to provide you with multiple layouts, under one pack. It helps to make your site look lucrative.

7. Extra

Elegant is the first and foremost feature of Extra. And the best part is that you get to choose a category builder with the same WordPress theme.

8. The One

Sometimes, you are bound to take help of a theme, which has category theme. These are best suited for newsfeed, and you can get that from The One.

9. Sahifa

From AJAX live search to the Admin panel with more than 400 options, there are more to be associated with Sahifa. Options are best suited for your help.

10. News Front

For a perfect modernized design, News Front is what you need. It helps in offering you with visual composer and responsive design, for more.

11. Herald

For a straightforward design, the herald is the new kid on the block. There are some customized designs, which are hard for you to miss.

12. The Voux

Known for its fluid design, The Voux is going to provide finest bold images and animations.

13. WordX

Complemented well with the amazing features, WordX is likely to offer you with the finest tasteful design of all time.

14. Master

With three slider designs and five blog layouts, there are loads of options available with this magnificent WordPress layout.

15. 15Zine

15 zine
It is a front rated WordPress layout, which will help visitors to vote on the content’s quality.

Best WordPress Magazine Themes for 2017
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