10 Best Selfie Apps for Android Users

At present, there is a growing craze among people to capture Selfies. It is the best way to take pictures all by yourself, with best help from front camera. You don’t need to call a passerby now just to take a perfect picture. All you have to do is just look at the selfie mode, and all set to take the best pictures.

Now, this craze is rather modified with multiple Android Selfie apps, in the market. As defined by the name, these applications are meant for Android phones, and are used for helping people take some brilliant selfies.

If you browse the internet, you will come across so many selfie taking applications for Android phones. But, it is mandatory for you to learn more about the packages, before you proceed further.

So, presenting, top 10 selfie taking apps, solely dedicated for Android phones.

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1. YouCam Perfect

you cam perfect
This app is just perfect, and to add that extra glam and glitter to your mundane looking picture. This app comes handy with editing tools, just to help you get that perfect click. Some of the major features are face re-shaper, beautifying effects, stylization and even object remover.

2. Retrica

In case, you are in love with vintage style, then you might want to get hold of Retrica. There are nearly 80 different filters, which are waiting for you to make some of the brilliant collages, of all time. The free version comprises of 50 filters.

3. Candy Camera

candy camera
One of the highest rated app of all time, it helps you to take real time selfies with promising effects, at the same time. There are hundreds of options to watch out for. And the editing features come with blemish removal and what not!

4. Selfie Camera

selfie camera
Want to enrich your facial beauty? If the answer is yes, then you might want to try using Selfie Camera. It has 20 different filters, which are used for making the products look cut. The complexion setting is another new thing to be added, in this kitty.

5. Selfie Studio

selfie studio
With some brilliant editing tools, Selfie Studio is the ultimate Selfie app for the Android users. It has perfect colorful flashlights, along with front flash camera services. So, now, editing photos has been a fun-filled option, with so many features, around here.

6. Insta Selfie Cam Collage

insta selfie
Another new kid in the kitty, insta Selfie Cam Pic Collage will help you to edit photos, for that brilliant collage formation. You can add some amazing photo frames with 30promising templates to choose from. It offers easy sharing options, too.

7. B612

Awarded as the best selfie app of all time, this software helps you to take selfies, anytime you want. And some of the brilliant cool features will act in your favor, too. You will not just be able to take selfies, but can even edit some, if you want to. There are 25 filters available, for providing that brilliant touch to selfie pictures, for you.

8. Line Camera

line camera
For clicking a brilliant selfie, Line Camera is all that you need. Some of the interesting features it has are mirroring photos, flash usage, enabling grid, and what not! It can further provide you with beauty options and live filters, for adding that glaze to your selfies. You can easily make some live adjustments with tweak lighting, as well.

9. Sweet Selfie

sweet selfie candy
As defined by the name, this selfie is perfect for capturing some great selfie. This is an easy to use selfie application, used for taking brilliant videos and photos. It comprises of emoji with some stickers, to add more feeling to the applications.

10. Retro Selfie

A perfect selfie editor for the retro fans, this application will help you to change some frames and even draw on pictures, taken. You can even balance colors of the photo and crop them, as per your needs.

Choose Anyone You Want

These are some of the interesting forms of Selfie Apps, solely dedicated for Android users. You can choose anyone you want, and you are all good to go. There are so many other options available, and you can choose the best ones, over here. Now, taking that perfect Selfie is a piece of cake.

10 Best Selfie Apps for Android Users
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