Role of Stackify in Microsoft Azure

There are a lot of advancements offered by Microsoft Azure now. Some of the best transforms are mentioned below:

• You can use site extensions to allow more enhanced features.
• Site extensions do exists and they are quite powerful in unlocking a lot of functionality and possible limits of Azure web apps.
• With site extensions, it gets simpler to launch third party add on such as Stackify APM for Azure to keep a track of the performance of the applications.
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Azure Table Storage

You have several kinds of storage and databases accessible on Azure these days. Lost in the glam light of SQL Azure, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, DocumentDB, you have the Azure Table Storage. It is the easiest available option with advantages like low expenses, simplicity and high scale. It is the best option to store data which you need to check through key lookups.

At Stackify, a large amount of data is ingested for the clients and the table storage functions great like a queue for big size data. Such data involves log data, errors, metrics as well as APM. It allows you to process 100GB of data per day for one client. It has its own APM by using table storage and involving retries, compression and batching.

Background Tasks Through Web Jobs

Being a great worker roles user, with the release of Web Jobs it seemed quite weird and somewhat like gimmick to do things relatively compared to worker roles. But in reality, you have so much more than what the examples show. They work as a perfect worker roles replacement and some of the things are designed as Window Service can be re-crafted as WebJob.


Retracing allows the developers to easily look out for bugs and improvise app performance on the production servers as well as QA testing. It offers developers with a specific solution crafted to give them data, proper visibility and actionable insight which they need and desire.
• Retrace is quick to download and use. It comes with SaaS based APM which is ready to scale.
• It helps you to see more with lesser efforts. It provides a single window for metrics as well as code performance along with logs and integrated errors.
• Retrace works with all usual application stacks and also shows things like queues name and which cache key has been utilized.

Huge SQL Scaling Through SQL Elastic Pools

Over 1000 SQL Azure databases are being managed by Stackify. The Azure team has also provided with an excellent feature i.e. the Elastic pools. It allows you to group 1000s of databases in pools and allot sources to a group has seriously eased the lives and even saved a lot of expenses. It has also helped in enhancing the performance of the systems as you can assign more horsepower which can be shared.

If you’re looking for a good developer solution to monitor your Azure application process, then make sure you visit here and see Stackify. It has been the best app performance monitoring solution for .NET and Azure developers.

Role of Stackify in Microsoft Azure
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