SAFe: The Continuous Integration

You are working with the different agile systems and looking to go ahead with your team. This is the reason, why you are going for the Leading Safe Certification Training. before going through the training, there are some of the thin gs that you must be cleared off. One such thing is the integration of all the systems, heads and team members. Go through the three process clearly and you will identify how a continuous integration is possible and why it is important.

Team Integration

According to the SAFe work, the total output will be a well measured one. It will be boosted and made effective at the same time. Unless all the team member’s working and their output are measured, standardized and categorized, the output of the full team cannot be centralized. Hence, it is important for the controller and the scrum master to check out the team work and the activities constantly. They are to be trained in an order, so that the total output can be sensed to be coming from one system. There must not be any deviation in standard of the output, in terms of quality. Hence, integration in terms of team work is essential.

Process integrating

The ultimate look out from an entire project is the solution drawn from it. In order to get the output matched with the solution, there must be an excellent match up with the different interim process. It is the duty of the scrum master to check out the same and integrate all the things. The integration has to be done continuously and not even periodically. This is the agenda of the entire thing and to achieve that, one thing must be cleared off to the master – a collaboration between the full team, so that Local units can remain mapped all the time. Once the process is integrated, the team will naturally be integrated.

System Integration

The team integration is possible when there is a process integration in the floor, made by the scrum master. Now, the process can be continually integrated when there is a parity between the systems. The system’s parity means, there must be proper coordination of all the system’s performance. Once that is made perfect, the entire output will be synchronized and categorized too. Again this is the place, when the scrum master will have to do hard work. Product owner will also have to play a vital role here. He is the only person who will be integrating the full thing and also finalizing the output. The rest team will have to achieve that in quantity and quality.

Thus the full system has to be centralized and looked after quite carefully. This will be the role of the scrum master and yours, after you go through the Scaled Agile Framework Certification In Mumbai. So, go through the course and take up the job responsibility. Make it a point that your primary concern will be to integrate the systems, so that the output generated is a standardized one. Just take care of the same and be at the top.

SAFe: The Continuous Integration
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