Best Magento Ecommerce Search Extensions

If you find the sales of your eCommerce site are inactive, then it is a serious problem which will not allow your business to grow. One of the reasons for this is customers/users are not able to search for the products they want precisely on your eCommerce site and this is due to the custom in-built search navigation. This search navigation doesn’t give the desired results to the users and as a result, they get tired of searching for the products they want and leave the website. The majority of the customers today prefer search over navigation menus or filtering.

For this purpose, Magento comes up with Search Extensions which improve the user experience and also help in increasing conversions and the cart rates. Normally, the users who search more, tend to purchase more which will, in turn, increase the sales of the business. Magento Extensions also provide a distinctive feature wherein the user can search for any product with the relevant keyword or alike words but will get the perfect output of the search. There are a number of Magento Ecommerce Search Extensions few of which are described below.

1. Instant Search+

instant search
This extension provides high relevancy, highly increased speed and multiple search sorting options. The search result page is responsive and it also consists of analytics that would understand the customer behavior. This extension will provide free service up to 250 products only and the users get affordable subscriptions from large stores.
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2. Auto Search with auto complete suggestions

auto search with auto complete suggestion
This extension is easy to set up and also provides with the functionality of advanced search for your product catalog. Not only the advanced search option but also it provides autocomplete suggestion feature. This feature enables the user to get the precise result with any keyword he enters in the search option. With this feature, you can prioritize your search attributes by setting the priority of each attribute. It will highlight the searched words. It will give options of list and grid out of which you can choose the best suited to you.
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3. Ajax search and autocomplete

ajax search
This extension improves the usability of the eCommerce store. It uses the ajax search wherein you can search the products by attributes like SKU, description, price, etc. which give options in finding the products. You get the option of customization of the search bar appearance to match it with your brand.
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4. Search autocomplete and suggest

search autocomplete and suggest
This extension gives the relevant result when three characters of the keyword are typed and this result is displayed in the dropdown list from which the user can select the desired keyword. The customers can also search by the attributes from the suggestions generated automatically. The benefit businesses can get is they can omit the products from the search results that are out of stock.
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5. Ultimate sphinx search

sphinx search
It uses the sphinx search to generate the search results that are accurate and relevant. The customers can search by attributes like SKU, tags and much more. It generates a dropdown list of the search results with product names and images. It uses Ajax to make the process fast.
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6. Search and autocomplete

search and autocomplete

This extension consists of features like autocomplete, misspelling tolerance, multilingual capabilities, and intelligent machine learning. It provides relevant suggestions for the entered keyword. It increases the revenue up to 30% with the help of A/B testing. It also has the analytics feature.
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7. AddShopper

Using AddShopper in your website will add social icons into your product which will enable your customers to share them onto various social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, this extension also provides you with a record of products shared. It will make it easier for you to know which of them are most widely shared, or sold from the social share as well as see the highest revenue-generating item.
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8. One Page Checkout

one page checkout

When you use Magento, by default it has six separate steps to complete the checkout procedure for the products you buy. This is normally, annoys a lot of customers to pass through these steps of checkout. But, when you use One Page Checkout extension, it simplifies the checkout process into one single step. It is because it comes with an auto-complete feature that will fill the checkout for your customers. You can use this extension to make it easy for your clients to check out just in one step.
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9. MatrixRate

matrix rate
MatrixRate allows you to adjust the shipping cost based on your client’s location, destination, ZipCode, product price, and the number of items, cart weight, subtotal or quantity. You can simplify your shipping price and easily decide on it by installing this extension.
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10. Address Label Printing

address label printing
When you install Address Label Printing Magento extension, it will allow you to print address labels similar to the ones you attach on a package before sending it out. The main feature of this extension is that it allows you to print the label directly from the admin panel. Moreover, you can also determine the label size, layout, and pieces of information that should be included on the label.
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Thus, Magento search extensions provide with lots of advanced features to the customers as well as businesses to make choices among various products and grow the business respectively.

Best Magento Ecommerce Search Extensions
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