Tips for Enhancing the WordPress Websites’ Visibility on Top Search Engines

If you are a website owner, your main goal is to get more and more traffic and increase the conversion rates. Your website’s rankings on Google, Yahoo, and various other search engines determines your online visibility. If you want to get better rankings on different search engines, you will need to optimize your website.

To achieve your main objective you will need to adopt digital marketing techniques that determine the visibility of your website in Google and other search engines. You can spread your business globally if you are using your skills and some important tricks for optimizing your own website for the search engines . Although one knows that it is never easy to see your website on the first page of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. because of the close competition arising in the digital world and changing in Google’s parameters.

In order to get higher ranked visibility of your website on various search engines, you can use inbuilt SEO capabilities and several SEO plugins but mere this is not sufficient for search engine optimization of your site. To get better results, you can apply the below-mentioned tips which are found to be the most useful.


1. You must boost the speed of your website-

Generally, users love to visit the websites that are fast and take less time to get opened. If they realize that a website is taking too much time to load, they get irritated and your site leaves a bad impression upon them.
You must make your website mobile friendly as this is the era of small gadgets and its result will be the inclination of your ranking in search results. Search engines mark those websites as less important which are slow or sluggish and lower their rankings. To be ranked on the first page of leading search engines, optimize your website’s speed so that you may have frequent visitors.

There are some tricks listed below which may help in enhancing the speed of your site:-

• Remove the superfluous data from your website
• Optimize the images
• Minify Java Script and CSS files
• Make use of CDN services
• Enable Cache
• Update your core WordPress, themes and plugins regularly.

2. Emphasize on your keywords:-

Before determining different keywords, a webmaster or a website owner should study the search habits of the users minutely. Planning and selecting keywords should include the fact that maximum users can avail of this while exploring on search engines. Keywords should not be used abruptly as this may create negative impact on visitors of your website and may result in poor ranking. You should follow the guidelines and match the given parameters determined by the top search engines.

You can add relevant keywords in the description of content and images, different categories assigned, URLs, meta descriptions, subcategories, title tags, blog posts etc.

3. Choose relevant content in users’ language:-

What drives the attention of the users is quality based content which should also be in user’s benefits. Unnecessary complication of language and description may distract the users. Ofcourse the web designer’s role is also important, as a well managed design of a website attracts the users. But it is the content that decides the fate of a website. Relevant and meaningful content of a website is like its soul while mere decoration is like the outer body which is lifeless without its soul. Hence, frequently add meaningful and relevant contents if you want to get better ranking as compared to other websites.

4. Use pleasant and attractive Headlines or Titles:-

Your title for the content must be appealing. You can add some relevant keywords to make it further attractive. Users as well as search engines are attracted by the post titles which are tempting. This adds the possibility to get higher rank for your website against other websites.

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5. Create internal links :-

An interlink is a medium of connecting the current page of the site to another page that defines the meaning of current keyword or provides some vital pieces of information that may help the user to understand the prior information given. It helps the visitor to find the useful matter related to the given content from another place without being disinterested in your website’s information. To catch more attention you may link the current post to a similar one. If your website is linked with the websites having quality content, surely it will receive a huge traffic and that will also improve your ranking in search results.

6. Make your URL simple and easy:-

Don’t stick to default URLs as it may not be useful to attract the users traffic towards your website. Even top search engines look for coherent URLs for their search results. Many bloggers use the default URLs which do not help in easy access. Make your URL so simple that search engines may index them easily in search results.

7. Use standard file format of XML sitemap:-

Without using XML sitemap it is difficult to achieve your foremost goal of getting higher rank in search results. XML sitemap is a standard file format that incites search engines to easily access your website and show contents in search results. It helps the search engines spiders to read, crawl, and index your site for better SEO ranking.

8. Write a meta description relevant to your website’s page:-

Write meta description for all of your pages in soft and simple language .You can also add necessary keywords so that your website is easily accessible to top ranked search engines. This description should not be lengthy and must quality content.

9. Link your website with social media:-

You should make effort to link your website with social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. If your website catches attention in social media, it creates a large fan following rapidly by itself. Great engagement in social world compells search engines to create some space for it. For Making presence on social site, provide internal links by adding social sharing buttons on your website and share your posts on regular basis. In this way your website gets maximum exposure amongst target users.

Summing Up:-

World wide web is an ocean of billions of websites fighting for their space and existence. With every passing day many websites are formed and create challenges for those which are already in queue to make their way. Although Its a very difficult task to dominate the world wide web and increase your visibility on various search engines, yet the aforesaid points will definitely help you and will fulfill your motive.

Tips for Enhancing the WordPress Websites’ Visibility on Top Search Engines
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