Why Design Your Own Phone Case?

Phone cases are just about as popular as the phones they protect. With smartphones today becoming more advanced, they are also more vulnerable to being damaged by the bumps, scrapes, and drops that happen even to the most careful people. Getting a high-quality product from a respected phone case maker can extend the life of your smartphone considerably.

Because of their popularity, it’s not surprising that so many different designs have emerged on the market. However, you can now design your own phone case and make a unique statement for everyone that gets to see it.

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How to Design Your Own Phone Case

The good news is that there are companies such as imagise that provide high-quality phone cases that you can customise. You can start by visiting the site to see if they have the right case for your phone.

Once you have selected the case, you cancustomise it with your own design thanks to the website app from imagise that lets you do the work all in a few minutes. A good way to start is by watching a short video found on the FAQ page which will guide you through the process quickly and easily. That way, you can understand just how you can create your own design or upload a photo or image.
You can start the design process by adding a background image which can be added in the elements selection. You can resize, tilt, or move the image selected around so it will go where you want on the case. You can even layer the images one on top of the other to create an even more unique look. The library has many different images that can be used, providing you with plenty of selections.

This applies to uploaded images as well. Be sure to upload the highest quality image you have that the design platform will allow. You can add text to your image and other designs for a truly customised image. Once you are happy with what you have created, you can finish the process and make the order. The overall cost is quite low and affordable, which makes getting a customised design for your phone case even more desirable.
The phone cases are crafted from polycarbonate for the back-plate and thermoplastic polyurethane for the bumper that protects the edges. The high-quality materials used not only protect your phone from the daily bumps, scrapes, and drops, but they are also offer anti-slip properties which means you keep a better grip on the case. You can easy attach or remove the case whenever you want which makes it very convenient to use.
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Why Design a Phone Case?

There are good reasons why you should express yourself and design a phone case that reflects your personality and interests. For those who enjoy customising the products they own, having the ability to create a unique phone case design offers several advantages.

Easier to Find: People leave behind their phones every day, which means that trying to find yours when it becomes misplaced is that much harder to do. However, with a customised image or design on the back, it becomes far easier to describe your phone so you can find it quickly.

Stand Out: In a world where individual expression is being slowly lost in a sea of trends and corporate marketing, having a phone case of your design helps you to stand out. For teens and adults, asserting your individuality is healthy and creates a better sense of your identity. While having a customised phone case will not make you a superstar, it is one small way of helping you to stand out in this world.

Expression: What you own is an expression of your personality. So, having a phone case that you customise reflects your interests and ideals. When another person sees the phone case that you have personally designed, it provides them with a little insight into your personality. Plus, it provides you a platform of expression that does not require any explanation.

Memories: While you can place just about any design you want on your phone case, putting a favourite picture on the back will keep that memory close to you for as long as you have the case. This is a great way to keep a memory close to you as the picture acts as a reminder that will be with you each and every day.

Gift: All things considered, this is a great gift, especially for someone who has just purchased or received a new smartphone. Imagine the look on their faces when they see the image or individual design you have placed on the phone which will be with them for a long time to come. Plus, it’s a gift that is low in price so that it easily fits into your budget.

Practical: Although phone cases are rather inexpensive and even customisable ones from a respected phone case maker such as imagise are low in cost as well, it can be easy to lose track of the product. This means that you must purchase more phone cases than you probably should all because they seem on the surface rather disposable.

However, when you design a phone case, it becomes more personal and meaningful to you. Because you invested a little time and effort to create the phone case you want, it means that you will take better care of it in the long run. Instead of having to buy new phone cases because you lose track of them, you’ll pay just enough attention to keep the one you customised around a little longer. This helps you save money and emphasizes the value of the case so you take better care of the product.
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For more information on how you can design your own phone case, you can visit the imagise website, a respected phone case maker, and learn about how you can design and purchase a case all for a low, affordable price.

Why Design Your Own Phone Case?
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