Best Apps to Stay Connected in WorkPlace

With the fast moving world people are becoming more productive in every sphere of life including workplaceand this has become possible due to better facilities and increase in channels of communication with everyone across the world at negligible cost.

Different kind of apps has played a major role in current ear of technological advancement to reduce the communication gap among people in different parts of the world due to which we can now work remotely also for companies far beyond our reach to show our skill set and get better rewards for it.

Here we have come up with some of the interesting and feature rich communication apps to stay connected at your workplace and up to some extent you can make use of these in your personal life also to stay connected with your loved ones living in faraway countries.

So come on without any further delay lets directly hop on list right below to make our life easy and productive.

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1. Basecamp

Basecamp is a nice project management and team communication tool which allows you connect to all the people involved in project and connect with them via group messages and private chat .Moreover not to forget that you can share almost all types of file with your project manager and other employees to work hand in hand with team members which helps to get the work completed on time.

Some important features of basecamp which makes it one of the most trusted communication app among lot of organizations includes prompt notifications, camp fire quick chats, auto check-ins, report submissions, scheduling of task for full team and yourself, tracking activities, setting due dates for different tasks and team members, organizing personal to do list among many more.
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2. Telegram

Telegram is an amazing goto app for all the professionals to get connected with all the people across the world from their personal and professional network via text chat and its famous high quality free internet phone call with awesome voice quality.

Not to forget that you can also connect with your loved ones and team members in office via telegram messaging app for windowsif you are on your desktop stay connected and share important details whenever required.
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3. Slack

Slack is yet another popular app available on all devices which helps people to communicate about all the important things with their team members and boss easily due to its user friendly interface and lot of other amazing features like file sharing, direct and group messaging, integration with more than 100 apps related to work available in market to get all the apps synced with your work schedule and get work done on time without delays.

Some time it gets little slow and little expensive as its cloud based, but overall it’s a nice app which will satisfy your quest to get a nice app for your company to stay connected worth all employees always.
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4. Imessage

Imessage is a nice messaging app from apple to stay connected with world anytime from anywhere, all you need is internet on your device .

To stay connected always even when you are on your windows pc you can make use of feature rich imessage for windows application which helps to use it easily with all features from your pc.
With the help of imessage you can send all kind of different types files to anywhere to discuss the projects and get work done fast.
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5. Trello

Trello is a popular communication app used by many companies and individuals to get work done and maintain a relationship with their team effectively.

It free to join and use for small team with less people but if you are big company with lots of employees they you can subscribe to its monthly cheap plans according to your requirements to stay connected with everyone in your team and company.

It comes with many amazing features such as team organization, task scheduling, calendarsynchronization with due dates ,to do list management and many more which makes it a favourite work management and collaboration app of many.
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Final Thoughts

I hope you liked our short collection of work collaboration and communication apps to get work done faster with your whole team available at any time via these apps which ultimately helps you to stay productive all day .share this with your friends and family as they could also be in need of some cool and good communications apps .

Best Apps to Stay Connected in WorkPlace
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