10 Best iPhone Apps for Weather Forecast

In earlier days, the weather forecast was no lesser than the prospects of fortune telling. However, in the present days with so many technological advancements, the availability of features like satellite imaging, Doppler radar and other provisions of meteorology, weather forecasts have become more dependable.

The arrival of mobile computing offers updates on weather forecasts to the users anywhere with the availability of a cellular or wireless signal. The App store or iPhone store offers some best weather forecast widgets and apps and undoubtedly, WeatherBug is one of the most reliable ones among them with some latest features and a user-friendly interface.

Some of the best apps for weather forecast include:

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1. WeatherBug

It is an absolutely free app that allows users to fetch the wealth of weather information, accurate forecast data and all of them could be localised through GPS. Visual forecasts, interactive maps, visual forecasts and social media integration are featured through alerts offered by this application with Doppler Radar feature that shows the precipitation range of the location.

2. Yahoo! Weather

yahoo weather
It features beautiful graphics and designs with tonnes of essential alerts, information, heat, radars and satellite maps. It offers a detailed five-day weather forecast in a clean and concise form of presentation.

3. AccuWeather

It provides hourly, daily as well as a 15-day weather forecast. The MinuteCast feature of the app offers hyper local forecasts with precise information. It telecasts all weather events like high winds, tornadoes, snow or thunderstorms.

4. The Weather Channel

weather channel
It offers users with a complete pack of wealth listing all the meteorological data where you can track the wind blows, temperature, visibility prospects and a lot more. It also includes social sharing features with photos, tweets and videos.

5. Dark Sky

It telecasts a 24-hour weather report with a next week weather telecast. At a glance, you would be able to know in advance when it shall rain by making use of the features of radar mapping.

6. Radarscope

This is an incredibly feature packed app with powerful weather radar features for the weather enthusiasts. It provides weather warnings for flash floods, thunderstorms, lightning alerts, tornadoes and more.

7. WeatherUnderground

weather underground
It is one of the most trusted and comprehensive apps that delivers accurate weather forecasts. It portrays the tropical storms, rarely seen hurricanes, thunderstorms and more with a variety of information overlays.

8. Weather Line

weather line
The basic advantage of this app is that it keeps simple and informative with an ultimate info graphic that sums up the weather forecast in a neat manner. It telecasts the expected temperature lows and highs, a range of weather data and sends a quick text summary of the same to notify the users.

9. Poncho

poncho wake up weather
It promises to give a detailed version of the outside weather. The weather forecast is made on the users’ zip code, real time alerts and daily public transport alerts. It prompts the requisite notifications to the users.

10. CARROTWeather

This app features 24 hours, short term as well as 7-day local forecast to the users with quick summaries. It offers the entire weather report with humorous animations.

Final Thoughts

These applications are certainly the best of the list for your iPhone device and the amazing features work pretty well on this platform. The popularity of these applications is growing day by day due to the availability of those wonderful weather information, being declared in a precise manner. These easily customisable apps work really appealing when it comes to making plans for your next travelling destination so that you can travel smoothly with no interruptions.

10 Best iPhone Apps for Weather Forecast
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