BlackBerry PGP Encryption Makes Sense for Your Business

Industrial espionage is nothing new; the auto industry is famously uniform when it comes to innovations while tech companies jealously covet code. Corporations including Google, Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, ExxonMobil, and Morgan Stanley have all fallen victim to hacking, often starting with a phishing attack. These data breaches can have all kinds of ramifications to a company, including direct financial loss (either through fraud or having their networks “held hostage,”), loss of patented information, or loss of their customers’ confidence.

However, it’s not just the biggest companies in the world that fall victim to industrial espionage or cyber crime – 43 percent of cyber crime targeted small businesses last year. With millions of new malwares launched every year, small businesses are often unprepared to manage security. While large corporations make the headlines, small businesses routinely fall victim to the same tactics. But no matter how much you invest in your online security, the number one reason businesses lose money or data to cyber criminals is human error, and that’s why companies use BlackBerry encrypted phones.
BlackBerry PGP Encryption

BlackBerry encryption using PGP technology is one of the securest methods you can give your employees to communicate, whether it’s with each other or with clients and vendors. PGP encryption keeps your messages secure, even if they’re intercepted by cybercriminals, while also protecting you from spearphishing attacks by ensuring that you know the identity of an email’s sender.

When you send an email to someone with PGP encryption, you use their public key, while their private key and their private key alone can decrypt the contents of the message. Spearphishing attacks are used by cybercriminals to obtain sensitive information or convince the recipient to download malware that will give them access to the network. They do this by intercepting a company’s emails to find out who their vendors or clients are and impersonating them, even using forged logos. Employees often don’t suspect anything is wrong, or don’t know what to do when they do find something suspicious, making businesses particularly vulnerable.

Spearphishing accounts for over 90 percent of all attacks on businesses and it’s an effective tool to successfully get away with industrial espionage – especially given how difficult it is to identify the culprit. Don’t think that just because you’re a small company, you’re going to fly under the radar.

Business solutions for PGP encryption from Myntex resellers provide your organization with the means to protect itself from industrial espionage at an affordable price. Not only does mobile have unique security implications, it also increases the odds of human error, as employees are looking less critically at emails in order to respond quickly and efficiently. Employees are easy targets for spearphishing attacks – in addition to better security training for your employees, an easy-to-use PGP encryption service like Myntex can also keep your data private. The success of your company depends more than ever on email security; not only could you lose your customers’ trust or face investigation for a large data breach, you could also lose confidential design information to industrial espionage and lose your competitive edge.

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