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PowerPoint presentations are used everywhere especially when it comes to business presentations. Even though PowerPoint presentations have got an important place in the businesses, business people are facing a common pitfall throughout. The common problem lies in the fact they can’t come up with new designs every time as the templates that are being offered by the Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides are ordinary and not sufficient.

As businesses would often need to present themselves to the clients and customers, they find the designs are quite redundant. The people at has taken this problem in hands and launched the site with an aim of helping the businesses in slide designs. The following review will detail about the site and its features.

So, what is is all about? is an online platform that is targeted towards the business professionals and executives who need to create visually appealing presentations in a short span of time and with some outstanding design aesthetics. However, the site can be used by students and educators as well. The value proposition of the site is to provide the people with less or no design background the ability to produce top quality presentations. It’s to be noted that to use the SlideModel slides, the users need not possess any special skills. But still, they can utilize the advanced techniques as offered by the

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In short, offers access to a constantly growing collection of PowerPoint templates. These templates are being designed by the professional designers who apply the best graphic design practices. As such, the templates are found to be produced as editable ones that can be easily edited by the users with their own contents without much effort. As mentioned earlier, this is an online platform and its slides templates can be accessed both through the website and an online web app.

Using the SlideModel Platform

Using the platform will not be an issue at any step. It is straightforward either for the beginner presenter as well as the skilled one.

First of all, the user needs to have an active subscription in order to access the premium collection of templates. During the site usage, the users will be interacting with the online gallery of PowerPoint templates. As such, they will have the ability to search, browse, navigate the site. In the case of any questions, it is also possible to communicate with the support team, which is accessible 24/7.

Very Promising Business Templates Section

Most of the people who are reading this review might be from the business background, entrepreneurs or technology enthusiasts and probably be thinking about the usage of the site for their own presentations.

With this scenario in mind, the expert team at has come up with the section solely for businesses and entrepreneurs who require to prepare visual appealing slide decks for their presentations. From a pitch deck to a sophisticated business plan presentation.


Under the section “Business PowerPoint Templates”, the site offers a gallery of business templates. However, the users can also use the keyword “business template” to retrieve a list of business templates in their results page. In the list of slide templates, one can see a preview of the template cover slides. This would save time that is spent on the searching process. If a template has caught the user’s’ eyes, he/she can open the same to read the detailed description. The tags that are being used for each template will save even more time as it would eliminate the need for extra browsing steps.

Downloading and Using the Templates

As such, the product description page of each template is the download page too. With just a click, the subscribed users are able to download the business templates. Here, one has to note that download feature doesn’t stop with this alone. One can create download lists and can save them for future use. Thus, the users can prepare themselves well for the upcoming presentations. Most of the SlideModel users are found to be choosing the templates for download and create their favorite lists during their leisure time. This helps them save time when they have a shorter deadline for creating presentations.

Apart from all these, some of the advanced subscription plans would enable the users to connect to their cloud accounts. Therefore, they can directly import their slide templates to their cloud platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox. This is found to be a welcoming feature for all the businesses who work as a team as sharing is important for them.

Once the presentation templates are downloaded to the local computer, the templates can be used offline. Just need to open the template in PowerPoint. While it is possible to use the template in PowerPoint Online, having the content offline also enables to manipulate the files even if you don’t have an Internet connection. For frequent flyers, that means they can edit the presentations even using the laptop on a flight.

Unlimited Annual Access

Businesses would always look for cost-effective options. With this in mind, offers their subscribers a cost-effective subscription plan, which gives the businesses the key to unlock the unlimited download for one year. For a yearly fee, this plan has the following perks:

Unlimited downloads
Unlimited downloads per day
Licensing for 10 employees
Save to cloud accounts

Preparing a presentation requires time and effort. In order to make the presentation effective and visually appealing presenters can rely on pre-designed PowerPoint templates. Using the right templates can help to save a lot of valuable hours of work, and is one of the leading providers and players in this market. Next time you need preparing a business slide deck, consider checking this resource, it is like a Swiss-army knife for presenters.

Make Impactful Slide Decks with
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