10 Common Apps That Must Be Present When You Are Moving

Travel plans are hard to make. Who would want to turn up for an extra job when you already have so many tasks to do? Choosing a travel agent is often the easiest way people opt for, however, why would you go for an expensive option when you can settle all the things from your computing device itself.

Android and iOS devices come with amazing applications that are meant to make our daily lives easier. The availability of travel apps can help you fix your issues in just no time. You can sit at a place and book your hotel, rental car and flights. Apart from apps that could plan your trip, weather app is an essential constituent of your device without which your plan can be ruined completely. The main task of the weather application is to keep you updated about the current and future weather plans.

Here are some apps that will make your trip easier:

1. WeatherBug

It offers an easy to use interface and a clear view of weather. It features accurate and informative weather reports, humidity readings, travel forecasts, lightning alerts and more. The Doppler radar effect is an important feature of this app that lets you know about the range of precipitation in that area.
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2. Kayak

This app is the best trip planner which searches different travel sites for flights, rental cars, flights and hotels. The app provides exclusive deals that one can never find in any other sites. You would also receive price alerts to see if the deal is comfortable for you!
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3. Grab

Many a time, we tend to skip our meals for we are in a hurry. However, Grab helps you prevent missing your meals by looking at nearby restaurant menus and map them in the terminal, so, that you can have your food before boarding a flight.
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4. HappyCow

This app basically lists all the vegetarian and vegan restaurants in and around the place. The app also features the menu with some short descriptions associated with them so that you can pick your food as per your choice. The menu also comes with under generated reviews.
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5. Dayuse.com

It is really irritating when you need to move one hotel to another in order to find your room, particularly when you have been too tired with your day’s busy schedule and over loaded meetings. This app helps you search and book your hotel at ease where you can take a shower and a nap.
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6. Sidekix

This app is regarded as an urban route planner that will help you find the best and easy way when you want to reach somewhere. It will also choose the best walking route for you depending on your preferences and interests. It also contains plenty of suggestions and you can pick any of them based on your convenience.
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7. Walc

All you need to do for this app is to plug in your destinations and the application will provide you directions based on your easy to spot landmarks. It comes in a pocket model to feature step by step audio directions. Plug in your ear buds and follow the audio to reach to the required place.
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8. Autoslash

Car rentals are fluctuating each day. Therefore, it is never easy to get the cheapest rate. However, this app helps you find the most affordable deals when you rent a vehicle. You just need to put in the car reservation details and the app will work the rest for you. You shall be notified with price alerts on your email and thus, can book your reservation accordingly.
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9. Via

This app helps you find reliable air transfer services, buses, hotels and trains. You just need to provide your trip details and the app will be presenting you with the rest of the options.
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10. My Panda

My Panda
This app tells you the level of security just as you move from one area to another. It also features options to help you reach the nearest police station through the fastest route in times of emergency. You may also call the local authorities with just a single tap.
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10 Common Apps That Must Be Present When You Are Moving
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