How to Protect Your Android Device from Virus

Prevention is better than cure. Yeah, you have heard it since you were a kid. It applies to taking care of your Smartphones from random malware attacks which are rampant nowadays. Android is the most used and popular operating system among mobile phone users which is not exempted from virus attacks. Keep your phone out of hacker’s way by following simple yet important steps as a safety precaution.

protect android device

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Versatile yet susceptible to malware

Yes, Android mobiles are versatile to use and give users the leverage to download apps and software from non-official sources. This is the prime reason for making your Android phone vulnerable to malware attacks and viruses. The Android operating system is strong and safeguards your mobile, but it is the user settings and permissions which cause havoc to the system when apps from unreliable sources are installed.
The problem arises from the Play Store from which these apps are downloaded as there is no proper scrutiny for accepting apps from developers. Do not compromise your phone by opting to download dubious versions for free of cost.

Look before you click

Often it is the user who is the primary breach in the chain of virus attacks. Read before you give permission to an app or promotional message and then accept. Simply clicking an unsecured link opens a can of worms. It may unknowingly lead to accepting dangerous malware and opening viral files. The inbuilt settings in your mobile have disabled downloads from unknown sources.

Protect your personal information

As a user, it is your job to not mess with that setting. Ignore spam texts and calls claiming you have won prizes as it is a scam to pry your personal details. Don’t get conned into giving your private details like bank account numbers to un-authorized sites or pop-up links and messages. The information which you pass on can be used via your social networking site to access your friends and you end up in all sorts of trouble.

It all starts in the settings

Simple things like protecting your phone with a password or finger lock or disabling Bluetooth when not in use comes a long way in mobile security. Do not accept files through Bluetooth from unknown sources and keep it under hidden or stealth mode. Always update your operating system and keep upgrading whenever a new notification is announced. Accessing your private information in a public Wi-Fi setting can be problematic since it is not secured source.

Stay away from promotional messages and calls which ask you to give personal information. Never break or modify the manufacture settings as it makes it easy for viruses to probe into your mobile. Lastly having a backup of important information, photos and contacts won’t hurt in case of a malware problem.

Is it trustworthy or shady app?

For a better understanding of your mobile’s safety read the app permissions prior to accepting them. Permissions are asked prior to installation of an app in the mobile. Do not install the app if you are not comfortable with sharing personal information or giving access to your location and photo gallery. Do not enable unknown sources to access your mobile contacts and information as you won’t be in control of what they can send to your Smartphone.

Extra pair of eyes doesn’t hurt

Finally, the last and common task you can enable to secure your mobile is to download an antivirus application. There are a decent number of security apps which give your mobile the required security and antivirus dose. Downloading security apps from a popular and familiar company can give the added protection which you cannot provide manually. They help in locking important information, scanning for hidden viral downloads and alerts you of dangerous sites you may be browsing. Ensure that, the security apps are up-to-date to give the best possible support for blocking the internet attacks and malicious downloads.

Better be safe than sorry

Android’s open nature is what allows some developers to pirate the original apps and remarket them at their will. So keep a lookout for user rating and reviews when you have to download an app from new developers. Viruses for Android are rare but not non-existent. Cautious installations and downloads can keep your mobile away from risk.

How to Protect Your Android Device from Virus
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