How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

You use marketing to inform others of your product or service. Even 50 years ago it was important whether your ad is on the 2nd page of a magazine, somewhere in a sports section or next to a crossword puzzle. You used to choose these by their popularity and by specific interests of your potential customers. Then, the same as now, you needed a strategy to provoke their curiosity and have them try you out. Nowadays, businesses invest more into building a website as it is a unique marketing tool. It is a pamphlet, a shop window, sales assistant and a cashier all in one. Make sure that a conversion rate of your website is worth the money invested.
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Optimize your website for mobile devices

A phrase: ‘Let me check it on Google’, is usually followed by a phone coming out of a pocket. A great number of people will look for goods or services using their mobile as it is handy. Make sure your website is optimized for these visitors and as effective as it would be had they used a computer.

Offer a quick response

Make sure your website loads within a couple of seconds from the moment a potential customer has decided to click on it. Scrolling and navigating between sections of your website should also be quick. Make the wait nonexistent. With the amount and accessibility of information the Internet has to offer, the customers can allow themselves to be impatient and choose to be annoyed by a wait longer than as short as 10 secs.

Have striking call-to-action buttons

Ensure your call-to-action buttons are clearly visible, truly inviting and appear several times on one page. You don’t want them to be skipped by your visitors while scrolling through the page. Be creative and have them sound as if they will miss out on a lot if they fail to click.

Allow an easy sign-up

Right when you’re about to get to an answer you were looking for, you are asked to sign-up. This has happened to me a lot and I usually give up unless the page allows me to sign-in with an account I already have, such as Google, Facebook or Twitter. This is a good option to have, allow your visitors to sign in with an existing account usually through social media.

Create an efficient landing page

Have a perfect landing page, the one that is as informative and interesting as possible. You need information to be well organized, easy to find and straight to the point. Don’t try to trick your customers. Implementing certain keywords or having vague ads just because they are popular will have a negative effect on your website if the keyword or the ad is not exactly relevant to what is shown on your landing page. This could be perceived as very annoying and cheeky.

Go straight to the point and don’t let them leave you empty handed

Every section of your website should have a clear purpose. Use your knowledge of the market to answer every question your visitors may have. It is a good idea to have a live chat to answer the questions that are not already covered, or are too specific, for e.g. concerning transportation of goods to a certain area. Don’t let them leave before they are converted to your potentially loyal customers! Use cookies for re-targeting and creating exit intent aimed at the very visitor looking at it. Give them samples or offer them deals on their favorite products and make it hard for them to say no.

Internet marketing is a fast growing field and as much as it can be confusing and demanding, it offers you a vast number of opportunities. You can always hire a professional to manage your website, but if it is something you would like to do yourself, make sure you do a fair bit of research. You have a privilege to be available to and seen by a great number of people, why not use it and turn as many of them as possible into your loyal customers.

How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers
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