20 Best Tricks to Create Incredible UI Design for Mobile Apps

An intuitive user interface adds interactivity to your app and its advanced features. With an eye-catchy design and robust performance, your app will make success & contribute to expand its user base rapidly all around the globe. Undoubtedly, a customized UI is favorable to structure & features of an app along with appealing graphic designs. In other words, an advanced user interface is prioritized during mobile app design in order to engage users & strengthen foothold in the competitive market.
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With an art of molding your thoughts and rendering them in an extraordinary style, it becomes easier to build wonderful native app user interface for a custom-built application. Considering this fact that interface design encircles all major factors which add liveliness to your app and stun everyone with the incredible user experience. You must know that the task of creating visually appealing UI design depends on the screen size and compatibilities of the device. Unquestionably, UI designing is a tough job as many designers face certain issues during mobile app design.

Here are top 20 tricks that every mobile app design service provider must consider to frame an app’s UI:

1. Know your users

The secret of feasible mobile app design is to recognize your users and discover everything about them. It takes a long time to gain users’ trust in the real world but our technology & virtuality made us retain customers in a different way. That’s why, it is necessary to explore the audience preferences & know the likes or dislikes along with the behavior of your prominent customers.

You can ask for opinions & talk or hold discussions with customers in order to learn their expectations and basic necessities. This is the best way to dig into the users’ mind and frame an appealing mobile app design to engage them.

2. Appropriate usage of graphics

Graphics accentuate your UI design distinctively to stand out among others. Many UI designers at application design companies consider using similar-sized graphics for UI designing. However, this ideology is not favorable to build a mind-blowing user interface for an app even if the process of resource management becomes easier by using graphics of the same size. So, if you want to integrate fantastic user interface with your high-performing application, try to use enhanced graphics specified for distinctive screen size & devices. Remember, it will be great for your app’s UI if it’s customized with astounding graphics that are meant to deliver pleasant user experience with minimum load time.

3. Customize in a right format

Many mobile apps take a long time to load & open any graphic file especially the large ones. Due to an inappropriate file format, your mobile app will take time to load high-quality graphics and therefore, you must create mobile app design using compatible media formats. Every app designer is familiar with a certain graphic format like PNG, JPEG, WebP, GIF, BMP, & more that are compatible with Android platform.

4. Colors to highlight

Color balance will render incredible effect to your mobile app design in order to keep a balance between user activities & screen’s responsiveness. Many popular apps reflect extraordinary UI that engage users with the perfect customization of color and layout whenever they view different sections of the app. With every click and activity of a user, the customized UI responds with a changing intensity of color and appropriate user control.

5. Don’t forget design’s responsiveness

Every UI designer should customize mobile app design in order to build a highly responsive application that fits seamlessly on different sized screens or devices.

6. Iteration is good

The app design layout is sketched with unique style and functionality. In order to make it more interactive & engaging, you must iterate the same functions & render it for entire interface design. This is one of the best mobile app design tactics and you can follow the same concept for your projects.

7. Simple & user-friendly design

The first outlook of your app design must grab users’ attention to retain them for a long time. Your mobile app design is favorable to engage a maximum number of customers at a time especially the first-time users. Therefore, you must focus on making it as simple as possible with the minimal usage of complex graphics & overcrowded patterns. Just stay simple & clear with UI design and let your app gain numerous visitors.

8. Turn to round corners

An extraordinary user interface will make you feel the stimulation whenever a button or image view is displayed or touched. Many mobile app designs are integrated with rectangle shaped buttons with pointy corners. However, you can ideate something new by using customized buttons with round shape corners to astound the users.

9. Enlarge and clear fonts

Users tend to stay on your mobile app with well-designed layout and appropriate fonts. Always use readable and catchy fonts that are capable of capturing users’ view and retain their interest alongside. Furthermore, don’t forget to resize your font style not below 12pt as required for mobile app design.

10. Know the impact of shadow effect

Upgraded functions like the holographic styling and customized 3-D icons together accentuate your mobile app design in a unique way. Many UI designers at top application design company follow this approach to create awful designs inspired with a consistent orientation of gradients for user control & decorated with styling shadows.

11. Back button for easy navigation

Every mobile app design is incomplete without customized back buttons on the relevant pages. If you are developing UI for Android, a native back button will work the best and if you are creating mobile app design for iOS then back button must be placed on the top-left corner.

12. Stay with app design rules

You might prefer to discover some new ideas & concepts to create a user interface for an app. However, you must work with a straightforward approach in order to create an engaging UI as acceptable by the users without reframing the mobile app design process.

13. Customized icons

An icon based view is still a trending technique to influence users with amazing mobile app design & take them in their comfort zone. Every mobile app designer considers it as an advantage to add on relevant icons within the app’s functionality and its UI. Moreover, you can also incorporate more useful icons in your app along with their usage details.

14. Follow UI rules & guidelines

Highlight the major UI guidelines and stick to them throughout the mobile app design process. You must be familiar with all guidelines which may vary along with the different mobile app design platform. From app’s layout to varieties of widgets, certain guidelines are imposed on building an eye-striking user interface.

15. UI for multiple screens

Users prefer to access applications majorly on small-sized screens like smartphones or wearable gadgets. However, the layout of your mobile app design must be customized to fit on any screen in order to ensure seamless accessibility & amazing user experience. The UI design of your app delivers unbelievable UX when enhanced with responsive user controls and features.

16. Influence with high-quality graphics

Integrating quality-enhanced graphics in mobile app design is favorable in order to render appealing touch to your app’s layout. Generally, high-resolution images with 264 ppi or more will definitely amaze your users with the pixel-perfect view specifically on the large sized display.

17. Resolve all security issues

Errors are common in the development process & therefore, you must learn to tackle all those issues while creating UI design for an app. You can seek assistance from a back-end or middle-ware expert in order to eliminate all possible flaws & security problem in the mobile app design.

18. Conduct beta testing

You never know that if your app will make success with its existing user interface or not. QA testing is the best way to know the reaction & opinion of the app users. You must conduct beta testing among unknown users in order to discover underlying flaws and technical issues inscribed within the mobile app design.

19. Stay away from devastating contrast

The contrast of your mobile app design dominates over other visually appealing components. Absolutely, it is unfavorable if you want to customize your UI design with cluttered color fonts and backgrounds. An intuitive app enables users to view, read, and seamlessly navigate through its content via modified UI. So, you can use contrasting color schemes which go well with each other & strike to users’ minds.

20. Seek opinions from real users

Right from the beginning, talk with your real users and take their referrals so that you can follow right path for UI design. It will be great to strategize favorably in order to eliminate all upcoming hurdles in the app development process.

Summing up!

Users are the prime factor that supports your app to generate leads on its app store. That’s why, all major UI design tactics revolve around users. Follow above-given top 20 tactics for mobile app designing and fascinate your app’s users with the wonderful user experience.

20 Best Tricks to Create Incredible UI Design for Mobile Apps
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