6 Best App Stores for Android

In order to use hacked apps, most of the time Android smartphone needs to be rooted. But things have changed now. Along with apps, there have come many good app stores that need no rooting in order to operate on an Android device. Google Play Store is a near perfect app store but it has its own limitations.

All the apps are not available in Google Play Store because the policy of this app store is very strict and many times, the apps which are published here are not available in all geographical location. This article discusses the 6 best app stores for the non-root Android devices.

1. AppBrain

This app store allows the users to download premium apps for absolutely free of cost. The premium apps are available to be downloaded in a legal way because the developers themselves upload their apps to be downloaded for free for a limited period of time in order to market them. AppBrain publishes these apps for free. The specialty of this app store is that it allows the users to decide what kind of permissions they want to give to the app. One needs to sign up for AppBrain to download and install an app from this app store.

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2. Appvn

The apps which are unavailable in Google Play Store can be downloaded from here. The apps present in this platform are daily updated and this means that you can always lay your hands on the latest version of that app. But the users, along with new version have the options of downloading the older version of it. Also, the modified versions of the apps are available in Appvn. The search bar present in the app store is very easy to find and one simply needs to enter the name of the app that they are looking for and you will be greeted with an ample number of versions of that app. It has a simple user-interface which makes the usage of this app store very simple.

3. Amazon App Store

amazon app store
If you want to name an app store that comes after Google App Store, it is for sure is the Amazon App Store. It is mostly popular among the Kindle users. One needs to download the Amazon App Store in its APK version. The user interface of Amazon App Store and Google Play Store is almost similar in many ways. And therefore, if you are good at browsing apps in Play Store, you can easily navigate through this app stores. This app stores each and every day gives its users to download a paid app for free. The top three categories of this app store are top paid, top charts and top grossing categories.

4. TutuApp

tutu app
TutuApp is similar to Appvn app store in a number of ways. If you are looking for an app which is not available in Google Play Store, you can download that app from here. Along with the original version, it stores the older and modified version of the same app. The apps are easily downloaded at a lightning speed from here. You can download cracked Android apps from this app store and this means if you are looking forward to using a premium app for free; you need to download the cracked version of it from TutuApp.

5. ApkMirror

apk mirror
It is one of the personal favorite app stores of many Android users. Though ApkMirror doesn’t have an official app for it still it has maintained to gain popularity in its web-interface. The best thing about downloading an app from ApkMirror is the fact that you can be sure that it is a malware free app. Downloading apps from ApkMirror is a child’s play. The well-designed website of ApkMirror makes it easy for the users to navigate through it. You can always check the latest apps in the ‘Latest Uploads’ category of the app store. This app store also allows the user to download and install older and modified version of an app.

6. Aptoide

It is an app store that can be used to download apps for both the Android and iOS smartphones. It has very good collection of apps and games and these apps can be used for free. This app doesn’t need you to root your Android device. Along with the modified version, the app store also presents its users with the hacked version of the apps. Aptoide since its launch has managed to get many satisfied users.

Wrapping Up

ll the app stores mentioned above don’t need you to root your Android device. Almost all of these apps allow you download a premium app for free. But if you want to download an app that you are sure about, you should try ApkMirror because of its policy of giving malware free apps and if you are looking forward to downloading paid apps in a legal way, Amazon App Store should be your place.

6 Best App Stores for Android
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