8 Radio Controlled Car Innovations

Ranging from cars that can fly to cars that can spy, these radio-controlled innovations will leave you in awe. RC supercars and virtual reality toys will make you marvel at the wonders of science and technology. These futuristic toys are so badass one can barely call them toys. They are packed with innovation and will appeal to people of all ages.

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1. Bullet- The World’s Fastest Radio-Controlled Car by Nic Case

Nic Case, an American radio control enthusiast has developed the world’s fastest radio-controlled car by the name of ‘Bullet’. The ‘Bullet’,honoring its name, whizzes past you at an unbelievably high speed of 304 kmphthat is higher than the top speed of most sophisticated sports cars by well-known brands. However, the Bullet hasn’t been made available commercially.

2. Radio-Controlled BMW by An Jiaxuan

Little did we know that a life size luxury car could be radio controlled! An Jiaxuan along with his partner, developed a software to control a BMW through a Nokia C7. What is more, they are planning to do the same with a life size airplane.

3. Replica of the Flying Delorean DMC-12 using Quadrotor Technology

If you are a“Back to the Future” fan, then you are in for a real treat. Native118 brings to you a real-life DeLorean right from the movie. It may not transport back in period and it may not be equipped with the Mr Fusion or Flux Capacitor, but it is so well replicated that you will be dying to get your hands on this car.

This flying car is radio controlled and has 4 quadrotors which make the carfly.It is so similar to the car in the movie, that it even has horizontally turned wheels. Inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12, it has shining LED back lights, front lights and wheels.

4. Mattel’s Foldable Stealth Rides RC Racing Car

mattel's-foldable-stealth-rides-rc -racing-car
This Radio Control Car invention is extremely out of the box and is the first of its kind. Mattel’s Foldable Stealth Rides RC Cars are the same size as a credit card and are as thick as a cell phone. At the push of a button, this flat 2D looking car transforms itself into a 3D RC Vehicle.

5. The VTS Camera Car

The Vision Tracking System (VTS) Camera Car gives you an RC Racing experience like never before. This radio-controlled car takes you inside it through its camera, making you feel like you are driving the car from the cockpit. What is more, you can nod your head to control the car, and the VGA Camera will respond! The design has also incorporated a stereo system to set the mood.

6. The iKon RC Car Controlled Using iOS

The iKon RC is designed in a way that it can be controlled using an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The iKon RC is one of the most high-techRC cars featuring iOS compatibility.To control the car using your iOS device, all you need to do is attach a dongle to it.

7. The Rover Spy Tank

The Rover Spy Tank is a miniature robot that can be controlled by an iPhone or iPad. It can record videos and capture images and stream them on a real-time basis using Wi-Fi. It also has a microphone and night vision capabilities, making it a nasty toy to spy on someone or to play a naughty prank.

8. The Submarine Camcorder

The Submarine Camcorder is an underwater radio-controlled adventure car. Not only is it suitable for use underwater, but it can also record videos and take pictures underwater. It gives a complete view, showing us what goes on beneath the calm waters. The Submarine Camcorder syncs with gadgets such as tablets, laptops etc. over Wi-Fi to enable control of the Camcorder as well as display real time footage on these devices.

8 Radio Controlled Car Innovations
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