Is Automotive Technology Going Totally Digital?

Today, technology affects every field in our life. The automotive industry has also benefitted immensely from technological advancements. Could it be that the technology in this field is going completely digital? Let’s look at the signs.
Is Automotive Technology Going Totally Digital

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1. Look at the way we shop for a car. Before we go to the showroom to check out the car, we start with online research. We go to websites and forums to look at all our options and listen to what people have to say and complain about. Technology helps us from the first step by opening up the world of cars and placing countless options at our fingertips.

2. At some Audi showrooms, you can check out all the details on massive video screens. Post that, you can use virtual reality to experience the car, from opening doors to listening to the sound of the car. No matter what the model is, from the latest offering on the market to a used audi q5, the pleasure of technology used well is seen in every car model of the company.

3. Think of the wide use of technology in the car. Better seat bags and brakes, stability systems and controls make driving a pleasure, but also a safer experience. GPS, cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots, entertainment options- the list of things that use technology in a car is endless.

4. Driverless cars are becoming more and more common today and it won’t be too far in the future when we see these as a normal occurrence, rather than an unusual happening. The autonomous vehicle is the way to go forward, which makes us believe that the future is all digital.

5. There is technology in place that allows the on board diagnostics to capture data about engine function. This data can be used to tell drivers how to conserve fuel and use it more efficiently, saving money in the process too.

6. We’ve moved to opening cars without keys. Keyless entry in a car is a reality now and we can see a time in the near future where a fingerprint or an eyeball scan will open our car door for us. Sensors in your car will be able to discern your presence at a certain distance and open automatically for you. No more rummaging in your bag for keys.

7. The service schedule and maintenance of a car also uses technology with lesser human intervention. The chances of human error and oversight are vastly minimized.

8. Fuel technology has becomes more efficient too. From hybrid cars that give you electric and gas options to hydrogen fuel cell cars, drivers have a lot more to choose from in terms of what runs their vehicles.

Wrapping Up

Thus, it does appear that technology is going the digital way. As consumers, this could mean any number of great benefits for us, including lower costs and better quality. As workers, this could be bad news, to have our jobs taken away by machines. Is this technology digital or is it disruptive? Driving is a human experience and one of life’s simple pleasures. It would be sad if technology replaced that too.

Is Automotive Technology Going Totally Digital?
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