IOTransfer: Transfer and Manage Your iPhone Data With Ease

Transferring files from an iPhone device to a pc, iMac, iPod or iPad has always been a pain in the neck. Whether it is a set of memories saved as pictures, videos, favourite playlists, one has to go through a process which is not only painstaking but also time consuming. This is the one thing that iPhone users had to compromise on. But those days are long gone.

IO Transfer Studio has now introduced a latest app to ease out this exhausting process of transferring data. IOTransfer is an iPhone transfer utility application which has made transferring huge data within a fraction of time. Whether it is something that consumes a very little amount of data like an eBook, or something as huge as 4k videos; iotransfer does it all within a fraction of time.

iot transfer

Keep your memories safe

Whether you go on a trekking with your friends or just a long drive to have a cup of coffee in your favourite cafe with your loved ones; capturing those few treasured moments is the first thing that comes to your mind. Pictures that you click are not just images, there are several emotions and memories attached to it. And it is important to keep that treasure safe. With this new and phenomenal iPhone manager, it is no longer difficult to save and manage your photos.

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Never lose your rhythm

Music is the one thing that works as a quick stress releaser and makes us feel better. Everyone has a different taste when it comes to their music collection. We know how much it hurts if one loses his/her favourite playlists. Thankfully, now all your playlists, songs or music pieces can be transferred directly from your iPhone to your iMac, PC, iPad or iTunes and vice versa. Not only is our music saved, it is also well organised based on size, name of the artist, album and date. The process is so simple that even a person who has no technical knowledge can do it with ease.

Manage large size videos easily

video transfer
IOTranfer can easily transfer high quality videos. Whether it is a full HD format or even a 4k video, iotransfer can do it quickly and without any complexity if you are a kind of person who prefers shooting videos from you iPhone, you can easily back them up using iotransfer.

Transfer anything

transfer anything
When it comes to transferring and managing data, iotransfer is not limited to just photos, videos and music. One can transfer voices memos, notes, eBooks, podcasts and many more. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your iPhone device, iotransfer is something that you must have. You can back up all your data from your iPhone within a few minutes. The phrase size doesn’t matter is quite justified when it comes to transferring and managing data using iotransfer.

Managing data is now a child’s play

iphone ipad transfer
IOTransfer is a perfect iPhone manager utility tool for the people who like to keep things simple. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to your iPad/iMac/iPod via USB and transferring your files would be just a few clicks away. IOTransfer has a user interface which is very spontaneous. One does not have to go through any process that consumes a lot of time. Once you connect your iPhone, the UI automatically pops up displaying the details of your iPhone. You can also transfer your files to your PC. The only requirement is that you must have iTunes installed in it. If at all there is any confusion regarding how to use it, iotransfer also has a very good help section which makes sure that you do not have to face any difficulty.

Small Size

One of the best things about this unique tool which can manage very large data is that it has a very small size. This app won’t consume more than a few megabytes of your device’s memory.

First try

IOTransfer offers you a free seven day trial version. This is however, limited to transferring 20 files each day. Once it is upgraded to a premium version though, there is no limit at all.


The only con we could figure out with this spectacular utility tool is that one cannot change its theme.

Pace with stability

IOTransfer is not only fast but it also manages your data with stability. You need not to worry about any data loss when using this iPhone manager.

Phone users have long waited for an app which can ease out file transfer and management. But as they say that it takes time to create something valuable, the same is true with this tool. Now one does not have to depend upon iTunes for data transfer which, not only was tedious but also time taking. This is one of those utility tools that every iPhone user must have.

IOTransfer: Transfer and Manage Your iPhone Data With Ease
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