Best Features of Salesforce DX That Make It Popular among Developers

Last year when Salesforce launched its DX platform, much changed for developers and admins. The product, though not a finished one, was considered to be a brand new paradigm. It came accompanied with a set of tools that were made for one purpose – provide a modern user experience for the developers who work on Salesforce.

salesforce dx

While developers everywhere are struggling to keep up with shifting business requirements and standards, there was an acute need for a platform that enabled them to make heavy changes to applications without compromising the functionality. Salesforce with its unique visions and efficient tools has managed to do just that. It has some excellent features that work in its favor:

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It has a whole new philosophy:

Salesforce DX empowers developers with version control. It apparently wants teams of developers to work and collaborate effectively. Thus, the platform has made it easy for them to collaborate and audit with this version control feature. Even disaster recovery has been made easier. For a truly agile developmental and release process, this liberty is essential.

It has a new command line interface:

The product’s new Command line Interface (CLI) help developers to easily create development and testing environments as well as new search orgs and synchronize them with source codes with ease. They can also pull the metadata into the org, create and use test suites as well as have full control over application life cycles.

It facilitates source driven development:

Salesforces DX platform enables source driven development with the help of its Source DX. Developers can now leverage third party test and even build automation tools or a domestic solution. The workflow will not be hampered. In this regard, it can be mentioned that the platform’s easy integration with Heroku Flow has enabled developers to enjoy the convenience of pipelines and streamlined integration developmental process. Seamless syncing with GitHub also facilitates automated deployment of repositories as well as the automatic creation of review apps.

Many are saying that Salesforces DX platform is the first step towards an advanced process as far as new age development is concerned. That is because, to a large extent, its base is formed by the right philosophy. It fundamentally makes it easier for developers to increase their productivity and improve the quality of their work.

While there are still some areas where this platform requires extensive fine tuning and there are new features and aspects that are currently being worked on for release in the future, it can be said that Salesforce DX is a platform that has helped developers immensely, particularly when integrations are concerned. There can be no doubt about the fact that the platform will continue to evolve, mature and expand for the entire span of foreseeable future. One can expect dramatic improvements from the platform very soon. In the meantime, developers can continue to enjoy high-performance agile development that the DX platform has made possible.

Best Features of Salesforce DX That Make It Popular among Developers
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