CMS Comparison: Joomla, MotoCMS, Drupal and WordPress

Content Management Systems allow you to make changes to a website without doing any coding. If you would like to attain a powerful, new, attractive website for your business, then you must try out these four options.

• Joomla
• MotoCMS
• Drupal
• WordPress

These CMS offers amazing features, lots of customizations and Joomla security. The most important part is that they are free and easy to use CMS applications.

This article is written to present a clear picture of all the four content management systems which helps you to find your best match.
The biggest advantage of such software is that they are regularly updated. Just a little overview before we get into details of these content management systems.

1. If you are at a beginner level and starting with some blogs or something as simple as a blog, then WordPress is probably the best option for you. At beginner level, you would not like to get into such software that is rigid. WordPress is more flexible and user friendly.

2. If you are at an expert level, then you are probably finding something as customized as Drupal. It is a user-friendly CMS which provides you with full customization and can get the product of your choice.

3. If you are somewhere in between the above-mentioned points then Joomla can be of your great help.


drupal is its official homepage.
• This is a developer friendly yet super effective tool.
• Just a little bit of polishing your skills and you get ready to work on it.
• Drupal is toughest in the four under consideration. But this also has the capability to produce most advanced and modern sites.

The main problem with Drupal is that you’ve got to have the required skill set or at least need to hire someone. If you can’t, probably Drupal is not the answer to your problem.

Drupal is the best option for versatile, advanced and complex sites having loads of data management.

Caching plugins

Drupal has a downloadable version which name is known as Pressflow. It comes with famous enhancements in many areas such as
• scalability
• performance


joomla is the official homepage for this content management system.

• This can easily be understood as the bridge between Drupal and WordPress.
• It provides a platform between the developer friendly extensive capabilities of Drupal and extremely flexible and user-friendly WordPress.
• This is just a little complex than WordPress and provides a lot of features.
• This has an easy installation and setup system.
• With a little effort in learning the Joomla structure, you can user-friendly have huge returns in the face of the complex sites you can make.

Caching plugins

In Joomla CMS, the JotCache offers page caching 1.5 search frameworks. It offers control over the content caches or not. Moreover, System Cache Plugin supports page caching which comes with Joomla.


The official homepage for this content management system is

• WordPress is the easiest to use content management system among the four.
• This is basically famous for blogging environment but because of it being extremely user friendly it is also used for websites.
• Unlike Joomla and Drupal you do not need to have a technical education for this.
• It is very easy to use as you can easily paste things from all over the world to your site quite easily.

In WordPress, by creating static HTML files from the database-driven content, the WP-Super Cache plug-in optimizes performance.


This is considered as the best alternative for small business or for those people who want to save energy resources and money. Yet they want to get a website with great functionality and design.

The best thing about this content management system is that it is what you see is what you get the type. Like all other CMSs, it is also built in such a way that it is good on outside and simple on the inside. It has a user-friendly good reputation in making a good responsive website. Because of the interface it provides, it is also very easy to use.

It is Fully Responsive Design for the entire Mobile Devices. They provide good customer support. You may hardly search an individual, remained unsatisfied with its customer support center. You can also do Free live chat.

Final Verdict

With all the information given the decision completely depends on you as to how do you evaluate your needs and resources! With Drupal, you might need to hire someone but this also will give the best features to create your website. Presenting your business before the masses using a website is a very wise decision. This is not only cost effective but also easily trackable. The progress of the company can be seen and the user-friendly reports that are required can also be easily prepared.

The content management systems are provided to you that you can use your creativity to create a masterpiece. This should also be understood that you need to take wise decisions. Take care of everything before you take any decision. It is your money and you are the one who should decide how it is spent.

CMS Comparison: Joomla, MotoCMS, Drupal and WordPress
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