5 Best Free Video Calling Apps

When matter is for communication, many times people have cut the cord because of network issues and improper voice. Now, smartphones have changed this scenario to keep us in touch with our loved ones across the miles. You can call someone across the miles from anywhere. Because of smartphones, we can instantly and easily communicate with each other.

With the launch of Skype, this instant communication gets one new form. Using Skype, you are able to do face to face conversation with anyone in a different country. Video Chat and smartphones have joined together in the technology domain. So you can communicate to your friends face to face even if they are in the different corner of the world. Now, there are so many videos calling apps are available in the market, but top 5 free video calling apps are given below which are most popular for communication and to connect with people across the world.

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1. Skype

Face to face conversation is possible years ago because of Skype. Skype is the first app that has started to provide the facility of face to face conversation or video call. Skype app has been joined by many users in the world. Skype has around 700 million users across the global world. The Bigger attraction of Skype is that it is compatible with various ranges of devices like TV, desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones. Skype provides all basic facilities without any cost. Minimal cost is only for those users who want to communicate with one who is not using Skype.
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2. Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger
Facebook messenger in our list of video calling apps does not give surprise as it is included in Facebook which is used by millions of users on daily basis to communicate internationally. Facebook messenger is the best option for video calling on the daily basis as it is very simple to use. In case of video calling, you just have to select the person from contact list with whom you want to chat. After then you have to do only one step is to tap the camera button. And now you are ready to chat with your friend. Facebook messenger app is very simple to use for video calling. If you are facebook messenger user, it also provides various funny emoticons and emojis which you can use to send your friends. Get more features of facebook messenger.
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3. ooVoo

Another video calling app is ooVoo. If you link ooVoo with your Facebook profile then you can contact to or communication with any of your Facebook contact. It is very simple to use this app. This app is free for use if you use this app to message fellow ooVoo user or use this app to connect with ooVoo user through video chat. One benefit of ooVoo is that you can chat with multiple numbers of people at the single time. As many as twelve persons can chat with each other at one time using this ooVoo app. This gives the flexibility to stay in touch with a whole group of friends at a single time. This application is really nice for video calling.
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4. Viber

Viber is another good application for video calling. But note one thing that you can only call that person through Viber who is also using this app. It is the very excellent app for calling, video calling and messaging to your friends across the miles. It costs nothing for calling, video calling and messaging. One flexibility with this app is that there are no restrictions to communicate with numbers of users. You can call multiple users at a time. It is not one to one video calling app. You can call up to 40 people at a time using Viber app. If you are connecting with your friends, after a long time through this app then it is a great way of creating an enjoyable environment virtually to be in the same room. Viber users can enjoy many different emoticons and emojis available in the app by sending to your friends.
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Facetime can be used by only users of iOS and Mac OS X but it is in the top list of free video calling apps because it is already by Apple. You have to simply use your Apple device to make a video call when you want to communicate with another one. You don’t need to add any additional software. Facetime provides pretty functionality to its users and it is easy to use, easily available and video chat solution is there. If you want to chat with your friends then it is easy to use video chat solution. But you can communicate those only who are using facetime application.
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We have seen most used and top 5 favorite video calling applications which offer best benefits to us when it is related to functionality like easy to use, easily available. So, take a look at these apps for yourself and enjoy it!!!!

5 Best Free Video Calling Apps
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