12 Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress Website

WordPress is an awesome platform to have a website. If you already have one and looking for allocating ecommerce capabilities, we have presented a dozen options to choose the best ecommerce shopping cart plugins for WordPress website.

PHP is dominating the web by covering 60% website core code as programming technology. Similarly, WordPress has covered nearly half of those PHP websites as an open source technology adopted widely across the world of the Internet.

Moreover, WordPress is evolving with the pace of time. Now, it is capable enough to harbor the large scale web portals with tons of features and functions. It offers modern website surfing experiences in highly intricate ways and even on the mobiles with responsive web design techniques.
The immense popularity of WordPress has inspired many to use the platform for diverse purposes including selling the goods and receiving payments online. It has given birth to ecommerce extensions or plugins for WordPress to grant ecommerce capacities with seamless experiences.

Just like Joomla and Drupal, WordPress is a CMS platform and deliberately used in content marketing. To leverage content marketing for ecommerce, WordPress website with ecommerce plugin is the best solution. It offers the opportunity to sell goods and services once the target audience of business is convinced using content marketing techniques.

Of course, online merchants used to prefer Magento like pure ecommerce platform by integrating WordPress blog to achieve the same. Unfortunately, the market has a plenty of merchants who already have WordPress websites running for a long period.

Moreover, they have acquired a substantial amount of traffic as well as name and fame in their niche market. Now, they wish to expand the business as an ecommerce site, so ecommerce extensions are the best way to integrate with their WordPress websites and extend ecommerce functionality to solve their problems.

What Ecommerce Plugins do with WordPress Website?

• Ecommerce extension allows merchants to add products by creating products and category pages with all required features to add product attributes in standard ways
• It integrates payment gateways to support various payment methods
• Develops a system to trace the payment process and order process including shipping and marketing

However, finding right ecommerce plugins for your existing or under developing WordPress website demands technicality. Merchants in the market hardly know tech stuff and can select the best plugins for their WordPress sites.

In due course, we have decided to take some pains to find out the best ecommerce shopping cart plugins for WordPress and give some good hints to select the most appropriate one for our esteemed WordPress website owners.

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1: WooCommerce

Download Here
WooCommerce indeed offers a true ecommerce functionality to your WordPress website with numerous features and functions essential for a standard online business. It has gained popularity such a way that it is going to beating Magento platform at some extent for small to medium businesses going online.

• WooCommerce offers a number of free and premium/paid plugins in combination to create exclusive online store to address unique needs of any business
• Using different extensions, WooCommerce developer can customize your WordPress website and turn it into full-fledged ecommerce store
• WooCommerce supports selling of physical as well as digital goods with required features and functions
• With premium plugins of WooCommerce, merchants can sell anything from anywhere by offering booking, membership, and subscription like options
• It has various shipping features to offer such as free shipping, flat rates, real-time shipping calculation and many with integration of APIs of different vendors across the globe
• It supports various leading payment gateways, payment methods, and payment service providers including PayPal, BACS, Credit card, cash-on-delivery, Stripe, Authorized.net, and Amazon payment
• It is built with developers in mind so extendable, adaptable, and open source to customize it further
• With REST API, developers can integrate any service or third-party software to leverage the latest technology trends

2: PayPal Shopping Cart

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PayPal is a big name in online payment service industry since the beginning. Therefore, it becomes a reliable name in the online shopping world. The easy PayPal Shopping Cart plugin for WordPress has gained huge popularity among WordPress ecommerce owners.

• It integrates PayPal API and brings all services that PayPal offers in your WordPress ecommerce including PayPal Sandbox features
• It allows you to place branded PayPal buttons anywhere on your WordPress ecommerce websites such as Add-to-Cart and View Cart buttons
• You can customize buttons according to your needs for styles, selection of shop, and payment URL
• The payment handled by PayPal via its payment methods such as credit/debit cards and online payment modes
• PayPal charges its transaction fees as per its rules and regulations
• With PayPal pro offering, you can extend features and functionality of plugin such as taxation settings and discount or other marketing incentive settings
• It supports more than 25 currencies and 18 languages

3: Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart

Download Here
It is widely accepted cloud-based WordPress ecommerce solution by the millions of sellers across the globe.

• It supports 40+ payment options and 45+ languages
• It offers unlimited storage on cloud, automatic upgrades, and backup services
• It can turn mobile device in a POS station by offering mobile apps for iOS and Android of shoppers
• It also offers HTTPS checkout facilities to make your ecommerce secure

4: Cart66 Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress

Download Here
It has earned prestige as the most secure ecommerce option for WordPress site owners.

• It ensures the PCI compliant online store
• It supports digital as well as physical product selling
• It includes a recurring billing engine
• It supports more than 102 payment gateways for seamless experiences
• It enables taxes and discounts at checkout
• With account creation, shoppers can store credit card info and order history
• A built-in email center to keep touch with existing customer for the merchant

5: WP eCommerce Shopping Cart

wp easy cart
Download Here
It is an ancient WordPress ecommerce plugin in the WordPress ecommerce history! It offers almost similar features and functionality to WooCommerce.

• It supports the majority of payment options and services
• It has features for B2B pricing, tiered pricing, featured products, and much more
• It allows global shipping with desired options
• It integrates ecommerce conversion tracking tools
• It includes various marketing tools such as discounts and coupon tools
• It offers options for social sharing

6: Ecommerce WD

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It is available as free ecommerce plugin for WordPress website, but also comes with some additional features in premium plans.

• The extension comes with advanced functions such as sorting, filtering, and searching of products in easy and quick ways
• It also supports PayPal along with other payment gateways
• It enables merchants to set tax and shipping to groups of items along with product-to-product basis
• It provides guest checkout feature to offer the best user experiences for one-time visitors
• It allows creation of unlimited quantity of products and their categories
• It has advanced search feature
• It offers customization of template and social network integration through APIs

7: Selz eCommerce Shopping Cart

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It developed keeping non-developers in mind. However, it is a robust and feature-rich shopping cart.

• It is free, but transaction fees apply. It means merchants pay when the sell takes place only
• Secure download options provide secure digital goods sales
• App store helps in enhancement of store functionality
• A Facebook store template available for Facebook-specific sales
• Supports one-click sales on social media and easy sharing

8: Jigoshop

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It is a dynamic solution for ecommerce needs of WordPress websites. Therefore, it can beat the powerful WooCommerce on many fronts.

• It provides high-level of user control
• It has peculiarity of providing regular updates and fresh feature
• It free plugin but some extensions are of paid category
• It allows you to group the products
• It supports affiliate products
• It has inventory management and advanced reporting features
• However, it has more than 100 extensions it releases new each month to bring more features and functionality according to changing needs of ecommerce

9: WP Easy Cart

ecommerce shopping cart
Download Here
It is also known as ecommerce shopping cart for WordPress. It is streamlined shopping cart plugin for seamless WordPress experiences.

• It supports the majority of payment methods and payment gateways available in the market for global and regional needs
• It provides features for tiered pricing and B2B pricing
• It encourages global shipping along with local shipping
• It has advanced marketing tools for promotions including coupons, vouchers, and gifts options
• It can integrate ecommerce conversion tracking
• It backs ecommerce analytics and social sharing options

10: CartPress

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It is a well-developed shopping cart plugins for WordPress. It is famous for its stability and variety of features such as:

• It provides native adaptability to WordPress core codebase
• It supports default WordPress user roles such as merchants and customers
• It is compatible with WordPress MU network
• It offers excellent ecommerce solution as a catalog or as a framework
• It adapts WordPress default dashboard for ecommerce use too
• It supports international sales with currency, languages, taxation, and shipping methods
• Merchants found feature for complex product combination and catalog structures such as group of products, content, images, comments, and much more in the same line
• It is SEO friendly and supports various marketing incentive implementations
• It provides features for cross-sells and cross-content in multiple ways
• It also offers personalization features
• It grants various checkout, shipping, and payment features for WordPress ecommerce

11: MarketPress

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It is an elegant ecommerce solution for WordPress community by WPMUDEV.

• It offers a solid package of various 15+ ecommerce plugins for WordPress in one combo
• It supports global sell by offering multiple currencies and language support as well as WPML crew
• It provides the single page checkout process
• Easy integration taxation and VAT changes
• Supports PDF invoicing
• It has calculated shipping modules such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and in-store pickup
• It offers social buttons like features and social API integration
• Provision for various marketing incentives including discounts, coupons, and vouchers
• It provides support for unlimited product variation
• It has AJAX cart and cart widgets
• Features for inventory and order management
• You can customize ecommerce store without code using shortcode feature anywhere on the site, and CSS presets
• It is multisite and buddy press compatible

12: iThemes Exchange: Simple WP Ecommerce

Download Here
It is quick to install and easy to set up an ecommerce store on your WordPress website.

• It provides a simple interface to create simple product with intuitive ways
• Customization is possible with a number of different extensions
• By default, you can get PayPal or Stripe payment gateways
• It makes customer management easy by using the same WordPress databases
• It supports coupons and other marketing incentives


If you have studied all dozen ecommerce shopping cart plugins carefully for WordPress platform, you might have realized that selecting the wrong plugin may prove a big loss. Therefore, we would like to advise you to take help of WordPress ecommerce consultants or an agency with seasoned WordPress developers.

Perceptions System has provided WordPress ecommerce consulting services to a number of patrons before they have signup for their WordPress development product or ecommerce integration with their existing WordPress websites.

When you find yourself in the same category of needs and quality, contact our team to discuss the project in details.

12 Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Plugins for WordPress Website
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